Culture Shock

  • [b]

    [center][u][size=4]Official Telegram[/size][/u][/center]

    To:[/b] Løkke Rasmussen; Honourable Prime Minister of the UnitedKingdom of Kalmar

    It is with great pleasure that I invite you to a bi lateralconference Red Tower, which is the official headquarters of the One Xeng Party centred in the city of Zhianglai. It is with hope that this conference can kick off further negotiations with both our receptive nations in matters of trade, investments, and commercial exchange as well as cultural exchange between our peoples, as well as gain each other is export markets in order to go both of our nations. If you choose to accept this invitation bring along delegates you wish. The Party representing the Federal Republic of Xeng will be as follows:

    [b]Chairman:[/b] Dai Yeong Tzeng [b]

    General Secretary:[/b] Jeng Yi-Zhing

    [b]Secretary of Foreign Affairs:[/b] Yi Xiao Sheng [b]

    Secretary of Commerce and Trade:[/b] Lei Feng

    We of course look forward to your arrival and anticipateyour arrival soon. It is also advisable to give at least 2 weeks’ notice for preparations.

    Regards Jengy Yi-Zhing, General Secretary of the Federal Republic ofXeng.

  • [/o][/list] [b]Official Telegram from his Majesty:[/b]

    [center][/center]To most honorable group of people:

    In the name of the United Kingdom of Kalmar, I hereby accept the invitation to the trade summit at the Republic of Xeng. On behalf of Kalmar, the following people will attend.

    [list=1][o]the King of Kalmar: His Majesty Frederick I

    [/o][o]Prime Minister: Løkke Rasmussen

    [/o][o]The minster of Diplomacy: Halbred Elksford

    [/o][o]The minister of Finance: Håkon Sæbøld


  • With the plane ascending from the overland, it was only a few short moments until the Prime Minster came out the plane with his company. With friendly salutations, the the Prime minister was greet by the Xeng company. With haste the tradition set in place before discussing issues- the anthem to celebrate a successful meeting between two nations alike:

  • "It is quite good to see you my friend" said His majesty. "Shall we got on with what we came here for?"

  • THe Xeng delegation smiled and greeted their Kalmar counterparts with a warm smile. THe Xengese national anthem played soon after the Kalmar one and Chairman greeted the King and the Prime Minister. "Ah Your Majesty, an Honourable Prime Minister, welcome to our Republic.....I'm pleased you can make it here. I hope your journey here wasn't too daunting."

  • "With traveling across the Continent, it was quite intriguing" said the Prime Minsiter with a wonderous look on his face noting how differnt it was there from home.

  • "Without further delay, lwt us attend to bussines" said the Minister of Diplomacy " We had an delay on this mission for too long"

    "Good point" said Frederick the King "Lets us begin!"

  • The Chairman replied warmly "Yes we shall.... We shall escort you to the Manor...basically it is where we centrally manage our government. and seves as a central meeting place of the Politburo standing comittee." They were then escorted by cars to the Red Manor, a place were aesthetically gave off a through back to the great Qing Dynasty of hundreads of years past. But has over the ages been renovated and modernised to fit with todays ever changing and modern world.

  • " I am gald to hear it, it has been a while since we have done business with other nations" said His majesty. "Let me get my papers and glasses out' said the old King.

    He read the paper rather fast concerning the trading agreement ideas he came up with with the prime minister.

    "So its come to my attention that you nation is also declining in economic growth. Is there a reason or mistake that made this cause and how are we going to help you?"

  • Secretary of Commerce and Trade Lei Feng replied "Not so much declining as just stagnating.... Over the years our party has delivered rapid growth rates in terms of boosting domestic consumption and heightening the consumer surplus since the First republic failed to do so. However in order to continue the growt and continued standad of living we have to capture a widr export market for our goods... We beleive that your nation of Kalmar would be a good start to rejuvinate our economic growth and ensure future stability." General Secretary JengYi-Zhing then replied "That being said we wish to sign an FTA...However I am given to beleive that your parliament is rather conflicted about that.... So in order to come to a full concensus We would rather hear your nations terms for a possible FTA first up and then we will present ours then lead from there...Does that sound like a good idea Your Majesty?" General Secretary Yi-Zhing said with his usual calm fasion."

  • The old king look at the agreement. During these moments of dead silence, the nervous sensation was in the air. The King said "Well, all diplomacy will take a long period of time. The Parliament believes its a bad investment. I, to some degree agree with them. We need to know the health specifications and if its being manufactured and stored in safe havens." The Minister a Finances added: " Its also a working in progress. We don't want to change your manufacturing material suddenly change." Then spoke the Prime Minster " As you did mention, the parliament is rather uneasy about the deal. We will let Parliament look at it and will will come up with negotiations in two days."

    "Is a deal such acceptable to the state General Secretary?" said the King "But for now anything to add before we leave? Maybe dinner"

  • Both General Secretary Yi-Zhing and Chairman Tzeng looked at eachother i agreement. "that seems fine though... It should be noted though that this FTA is rather basic, its just general lowering of tarrif and non-tarriff barriers between the expoets of both of our nations goods coming into our respective countries. Excluding of course agricultural products as we do respect the inspection process of foreign food stuffs, no-on wants foreign health problems in thier country after all. As for manufactoring.. well we don't change that either. laws on FDI and moving factories aborad between both nations will have to be up for further discussion though as is expected." The Chairman replied.

  • " Diplomacy is key" says the old King. " We did not achieve all of our interests, but this is considered successful diplomacy"

    "We wish to work with you in the future" said the minister of Finance

    "One thing I would like to add: We would like to establish an embassy in your nation perhaps both vise versa- Is there any application for an embassy to be arranged? If so let me know" said the minster of Diplomacy

  • Foreign Affairs Secretary Yi Xiao Sheng replied. "Thats fine... We will be more than happy to establish and embassy in your nation... However we are still in the process of finalising our embassy program...It shouldn't be long though. As soon as ours is established we will open up embassies for anyone willing."

  • "Thanks for having us here. This is a historic day for our affairs! I hope further interest in the future. I encourage you to come over sometime and visit the streets of Copenhagen"

    Within a half of hour the plan flew into the twilight until it was only a dot into the red sun in the east.

  • From the silent corner the telephone rings. However nobody pick up the phone :(. So the Prime Minister left this message:

    " Greeting leaders of Xeng! This is the Prime Minister if Klamar. We came a little late because the Folketing was busy this week. Luckily, we managed to spare some time on contemplating the deal. The parliament came up with a few short and simple terms."

    I. All products must be approved to be safe under the health standards of The United Kingdom of Kalmar.

    II. Tariffs will be lowered however under the condition that 50% all all good imported are controlled by state-owned industry to balance out the economy.

    III. We will reserve the right to revise or all together cancel this deal upon 2/3 agreement with the Parliament

  • Chairman Tzeng called the Prime Minister from his office. "We have received your terms Prime minister...We have no contentioons with the terms except for maybe the 2nd term. It's not that we do not disagree, its just that we want more clarification.. We are not rerally sure what the second terms means or its implications.... If you can answer this question at your earliest conveniance that would be appreciated."

  • There is no strict periods of time. In fact I do not remember mentioning terms. I think what I meant by terms as an agreement. I think this is good for a year or so to see how it flows into our economy

  • The Chairman replied "Egh perhaps you misunderstand me Prime Minister. I meant provison 2. the one that says and I quote. 'Tariffs will be lowered however under the condition that 50% all all good imported are controlled by state-owned industry to balance out the economy.' Does that mean that mean that half of our goods that we export to you have to be controlled by the state and vice versa? Becaue most of our goods would be handeled by the private sector except for oil, iron ore and agricultral products, the agricultural products will mostly be for the people themselves after all we all need to eat, and the oil, timber and iron ore we can export to a degree perhaps say 20% but we still need those resources to build up and maintain our nations infrastructure. would 20% be another reference point?" Chairman Tzeng asked, again in his soft spoken and polite manner.

  • "oh....yes the states will control 50% of the goods imported. The state will simply buy and trade the products. This will not directly effect your economy, however be warned that will happen

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