Address to the British Parliament by Queen Anastasia

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    25 September 2015

    Westminster Hall

    It was a rare occasion and immense privilege to be invited to speak to the MPs and peers of the British Parliament, but that is exactly what was going to happen today. Prime Minister Obama was arriving with Anastasia after a very short visit with her in the car on their way from London Heathrow Airport to Westminster Hall. The full range of British press was also waiting for her. The Prime Minister exited the car first as Anastasia obliged the press with photographs and comments about her visit to London. The two would wait in a holding space first.

    "Your Highness, it's indeed a great honour to have you here in London. Parliament is very eager to hear the words of such a close ally," the Prime Minister said to Queen Anastasia.

  • "I do love London in the early Autumn, the trees just are starting to go a little golden in Hyde Park." Anastasia said. "The Royal Garden Hotel really does have amazing views of London. We should have dinner at the Min Jiang Restaurant, to discuss affairs. And," she paused. "Delphine does apologise, but she is rather busy with a very important bill, and you know how things are in the first few months of taking office." She was beckoned up to the podium. She was wearing a draping blue dress, with matching blue gloves and a faux fur brown neck collar. Her jewelry included an opal necklace, a brooch, once belonging to one of Queen Victoria's daughters, and Queen Alice I of Icholasen, and blue coloured rings and bracelets. She reached the podium and cleared her throat.

    “Good afternoon, my lords, ladies, Members of Parliament, and the Prime Minister. From the times of Queen Victoria, the UK and Icholasen have had intertwined Monarchies. As a 5th Cousin of King William, I stand here as living proof. We both share the honour of being Queen Victoria’s great great great great grandchildren. And of course Royalty is an integral part of both our cultures, societies, and traditions. But not only in Royalty are our nation’s intertwined: we’re intertwined politically, having very similar systems of governance, devolution, and individual freedoms to vote in elections and have equal rights, for everyone, no matter what.

    Saint Regina occupies the peninsula of land closest to the United Kingdom. And that’s a very physical metaphor for us, our history, and our culture. Separated by a few mere miles of the Reginal Channel (as we call it). Of course the geographies are similar in many different ways, forming our cultural differences within our nations. The mountains and rivers of Wales, and the mountains and rivers of Romain, the coastline of England and the coastline of Portland. And the forests of all 4 constituent nations of the United Kingdom, and the forest of Minaurchw, in Regina. These features make the nations within our countries’ unique and special, and influences their cultures and the national culture as a whole, and even the land on which we inhabit, brings us ever closer.

    The similarities of our cultures is truly apparent if one merely glances at our nation’s; both Regina and England descended from Anglo-Saxon cultures, and continue to be similar to this day. In language, we have English here too and Nicoleizian is a mixture between English, Celtic and Germanic languages. And our commitments of equality and civil rights shine alongside Miraco, and other nations. But it’s not only similarities that make two nations love each other, it’s our differences too; as a magnet’s opposite poles attract. People in the United Kingdom love brown tea, we here love apple tea. Your people love football and rugby, ours would rather watch a horse race. But, despite friendly rivalry; we’re close and we’re stronger than we have ever been that way.

    My country has much to learn from the United Kingdom also. Your economic prosperity is certainly something which my government has modeled our recovery off of. Economy has always been something the Nicoleizian people have been hindered by, but no more, and we know who to thank. The West of Europe is a hub of prosperity, peace and equality. And we are doing what we can to help nations surrounding us, such as the Teutonic States in Scandinavia, and the northern state of Davishire whom we both wish to form stronger bonds with. This new Century harks a new destiny for Northern and Western Europe, as we are forming a stronger peace that will last, and with peace comes prosperity.

    I will finish with a quote from the Bible. “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” God Save the Queen, thank you, and Jiik Kauw.

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    The Parliament responded in great applause for Queen Anastasia, with the Prime Minister and Speaker of the House of Commons ready to shake her hand at the end of the statement. It was a very inviting speech and went over well with Parliament.

    "Well done speech," said Speaker John Bercow. He seemed very pleased that the offer was placed in such caring hands. "If there is nothing else, Queen Anastasia, we can allow you and the Prime Minister to leave and get on with your visit."

    "I think the Queen and I will have business lunch. That restaurant did sound delightful," the Prime Minister said to the Speaker and indirectly to Queen Anastasia.

  • The two boarded the state cars, with Obama's bearing the flag of the United Kingdom, and Anastasia's bearing the flag of Icholasen. When they reached the Royal Garden Hotel, a red carpet had been laid, and secret service agents escorted them up to the tenth floor on which was their private booth. The order had been sent in in advance to make sure the chefs got it absolutely right. Anastasia appreciated the almost futuristic and retro feel of the London skyline. The BT tower built in the 60s, and the modern skyscrapers of the City made for interesting viewing. Faintly, Elizabeth Tower and the London eye could be seen. All of the urbanity contrasted with the greens and trees of Hyde Park. Distracted by the view, she didn't realise the waitresses had arrived. On the plate, an entire roasted duck lay. The waitress sliced pieces of the duck off and onto a plate with assorted vegetables, sugar, and soy sauce. The duck was then put into a reservoir in the middle of the modulated plate. Then, in circular containers they were given a stack of duck pancakes. Anastasia started with some celery, duck, and soy sauce. There was a small bath of lemon water, in case the royal hands got greasy.

    "So Barack, is there anything you wish to discuss?"

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    "Well, I would like to say thank you for coming today to address the Parliament. It's a great moment for our countries for certain, and it was great to have you return the favour you extended to me to go to Icholasen. I don't know about you, but I am very pleased that our two countries are coming together in such a big way. It's truly a great moment for both kingdoms, Anastasia," said the Prime Minister in a fairly casual way. The restaurant was oddly vacant in the section they were in (the security detail surrounding the PM insisted that part of the restaurant be closed from the public and paparazzi).

  • "Yes, definitely." Anastasia said, admiring the redness of her wine. "Delphine truly appreciates the help given of course. We certainly are in a turbulent time and sticking together is key. Returning the reception of a visit was certainly my pleasure Prime Minister, we definitely should do it again one day. So many greats have addressed Parliament, and I'm ecstatic I was one of them."

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    "Good; I'm glad I could give some goodwill and spirits through this meeting," the PM said, tucking in to some more Xeng-style duck with the pancake. It was a peaceful moment, and a nice breather from the usual formal meetings of politics. He could feel Jeremy Corbyn nodding his head in approval. "What would you like to see happen between the United Kingdom and Icholasen. We've made such landmark strides already, and through our relationship, your nation should be able to get greater access to the larger economies in the south, particularly Angleter and the Duxburian Union. Our government has also prioritised investment in innovations of the future and industry in general. I'm sure I could try and swing some of that money towards Icholasen based companies every now and then, as it is now mutually beneficial to do so."

  • "That would be much appreciated. As you know the Party of June is trying to strengthen the economy of course, and investment is of course always welcome." She paused, and ate her neatly prepared pancake. "I think, however we should move away from the economic partnership, and enter into social partnership. We think it would be nice to have a cultural exchange. Students from the United Kingdom could come to cultural trips in Icholasen, perhaps learn some French, Nicoleizian or English and maybe view some of the art and history of our country, whilst engaging in museum trips, cooking classes and language classes. What do you think about that? Of course it's a loose suggestion right now, but with coordination it could really work."

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