Great EU Bakeoff Applications

  • The Great European Union Bakeoff

    The bakeoff will consist of 3 rounds per episode. The first will be a fully prepared own recipe. The second will be a chance to work in real 5 Star Restaurants across the European Union. The third will be an extravaganza round where contestants will be tested to make the best, largest and most exotic and strange foodstuff they can make. Each week will have its own theme. E.g. Bread. And those who list their one base as bread will have a higher chance of getting the points. There are 2 yet unconfirmed judges, and they will make a judgement

    (OOC: The bakes will be judged by the judges and all contestants will need to do is send pictures of their bakes for rounds 1 and 3 - or they can opt to have them chosen for them so minimal effort needs to be put in for this competition (but if they don't send a picture or request one is chosen for them in time they will be eliminated.) There will be a random selection to decide if a Contestant bakes badly in each round and the judges will award the Contestant 0 points out of 10 for the round.)

    Confirmed Applicants:

    • Jade Diamond - MSo Inquista
    • Kiran Benipal MSo Inquista
    • Keith Floyd - Angleter
    • Nigella Jones - United Kingdom
    • Sally Morsau - Icholasen
    • Chen Shaojeng - Ro Xeng
    • Yasmin Morsau - Icholasen
    • David Cameron - UKo Davishire
    • Samantha Cameron - UKo Davishire
    • Deliah Smith - Framptonia
    • Fr. Trifon Semberats - Pravoslaviya

    Application sheet:

    • Name of Contestant:
    • Picture:
    • Nation:
    • Age:
    • Experience:
    • Main skill base (eg pastry):
    • Short bio:

  • Admin

    Name of Contestant: Jade Diamond

    Nation: Microstate of Inquista

    Age: 28

    Experience: Jade has been baking ever since she was 16 years old. Despite working full-time, Jade has continued to bake almost daily throughout her adult life. Jade primarily bakes different types of gluten-free and vegan breads, but also makes pastries, cakes and desserts.

    Main skill base: Bread making

    Short bio: Jade was born in Saint Dominico and has resided there all her life. Jade works as a reiki healer and yoga instructor at her very own studio called One Body One Mind. Jade, who is deeply spiritual, considers herself to be closely guided by her Angels, whom give her divine guidance through her daily meditations. Jade is a vegan who also maintains a gluten-free diet. Being a vegan, as well as gluten-free, was one of the primary reasons as to why Jade picked up baking at the age of 16. Jade loved to eat pastries, desserts and breads, but could not find enough vegan varieties to satisfy her needs. Jade has baked her own foods ever since then and has continued to do so on a daily basis. From time to time (when she is not busy doing reiki or yoga), Jade will sell the her baked goods at her local market, usually followed up by protesting at the Archbishop's Palace against the import of "evil GMOs". Since the passage of the European Cannabis Act, Jade has made cannabis a staple of her baking palette.

  • Admin

    • Name of Contestant: Keith Floyd

    • Nation: Angleter
    • Age: 55
    • Experience: Keith Floyd has worked in catering since leaving the army. Having started off as a dishwasher and a vegetable peeler, and despite a complete lack of formal training, he quickly worked his way up to owning three restaurants by the age of 30. In the early 1990s, Floyd became a popular chef on a local radio station, and was given his first TV series in 1994. With a natural flair for combining cooking, drinking, and entertainment, he has now been a household name in Angleter for over 20 years.
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): Seafood
    • Short bio: Keith was born in St. Cajetan in 1960, and upon leaving school joined the Royal Angleteric Army, in which he served for three years, constantly pestering the army cooks to serve up more gourmet food. He has worked, in one form or another, in cooking since leaving the forces, and owns two restaurants in Angleter and another in Pravoslaviya, where he also has a number of business ventures. He also earns money from his TV work and from a series of popular cookery books. A renowned bon viveur and a heavy smoker and drinker, Keith is well-known for drinking wine as he cooks - invariably out in the open air and in his distinctive haphazard fashion - on his TV shows. Both for work and in his spare time, Keith enjoys travelling and listening to rock music, and having been married and divorced four times, is now happily unmarried to his partner Celia.

  • Admin

    • Name of Contestant: Nigella Jones
    • Nation: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    • Age: 55
    • Experience: 30 years of presenting cooking shows, writing cookbooks.
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): cookery (she was never professionally trained)
    • Short bio: Nigella was one of the more famous cooking show hosts in British history, with her many series including Nigella Eats, Nigella Express and her line of best-selling books including Nigellisima. Nigella has been on the cooking scene in British households for nearly 30 years. She hates the idea of being called a celebrity chef and she is not a professionally trained chef. She merely cooks foods that sound good to her from the various areas of British life. If it's something she doesn't want to eat when she's done making it, she doesn't want to have the recipe!

    • Name of Contestant: Sally Morsau
    • Picture:

    • Nation: Icholasen
    • Age: 40
    • Experience: Sally has been a cook since she was 17, and living in a suburban home outside Saint Regina. She did food technology in all aspects of education except University, and took classes during university. She thinks of herself as a traditional chef, using wholly organic ingredients, imported to her house from the UK via an Ocado hoverboat service. She gets most of her recipes from the Sho Shaunrs Baking section.
    • Main Skill Base (eg pastry): Wine based biscuits.
    • Short bio: She is a self described "Wine-Mum" and enjoys to add wine to most dishes, including children's birthday cakes and her son's homemade baby food. A stay at home mum, she spends most of her time looking after her child, and when she is not doing that she bakes! "It's a great pass time for when daytime television fails to satisfy me; a rare event but one must always be prepared for if that day's 'Homes Under the Hammer' isn't as nail bitingly thrilling as it normally is." She is a firm believer dairy should never enter Nicoleizian homes and will never use any type of dairy in her dishes.

  • Name of Contestant: Chen Shaojeng

    Nation: Federal Republic of Xeng


    Experience: Over 30 years of professional cooking experience

    Main skill base (eg pastry): Spicy Sichuan Cuisine

    Short bio: Chen Shaojeng was grew up in an ordinary middle class family in South East Sichuan province and started cooking since he was 17 yrs old. He entered the Chengdu Academy of Culinary Science, and since graduation has been cooking for international hotels and opened a restaurant of his own the earl Dragon with locations not only in his home town of Chengdu but also n London, Paris and Los Angeles.

  • The Framptonian Broadcasting Corporation is in negotiations with Her Holiness the Most Blessed and Sanctified Saint Deliah Smith to enter the competition. She is concerned though that her entry may clash with her commitments to the Feast of St Bogwulf. Could you please confirm the closing date for applications.

  • Nicoleizian Broadcasting Channel Official Statement in Response to Her Holiness Deliah Smith: The nominations will close when there are sufficient participants, OR it reaches the 5th of October (one week after the nominations opened.) Thank you for your question.

  • Admin

    Inquista is entering a second applicant:

    • Name of Contestant: Kiran Benipal
    • Nation: Inquista
    • Age: 23
    • Experience: Kiran is an inexperienced baker with no formal training.
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): non-Kosher pastries
    • Short bio: Kiran is an Inquistan student studying at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Kiran is politically active at Oxford and is currently serving at the co-Chair of the Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality. Kiran regularly takes her fight against racism and oppression online, especially on twitter, where she calls out race traitors, tells people that they deserve racism, discusses the colonization of blood, threatens violence and spouts antisemitism.

    • Name of Contestant: Yasmin Morsau
    • Picture:
    • Nation: Icholasen
    • Age: 18
    • Experience: None
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): Pot Noodles.
    • Short bio: A student from Saint Regina, daughter of Sally Morsau, came to ask mother for cash.

    • Name of Contestant: Fr. Trifon Semberats
    • Nation: Pravoslaviya
    • Age: 48
    • Experience: No formal training
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): Pastry/bread
    • Short bio: Fr. Trifon is a Pravoslaviyan Orthodox priest who became famous baking cakes and bread for government forces in the Patriotic Struggle of 2001, and has since released a line of baking products and a series of cookery books, going by the moniker 'God's Pastry Chef'. An outspoken patriot, Fr. Trifon courted controversy when he baked and gave away free pork pies in front of a mosque entrance in 2012, and claims to have met the late rapper Tupac, whom he believes to be living in hiding in northern Pravoslaviya.

    • Name of Contestant: David Cameron
    • Picture: On the right
    • Nation: The United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks
    • Age: 48
    • Experience: Former Prime Minister, watches occasional cooking shows,
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): lots of things
    • Name of Contestant: Samantha Cameron
    • Picture: On the left
    • Nation: The United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks
    • Age: 44
    • Experience:I regularly cook!
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): Pies, Pastries and Pasta

  • Application sheet:

    • Name of Contestant: Her Holiness the Most Blessed and Sanctified Saint Deliah Smith
    • Picture:
    • Nation: Framptonia
    • Age: 72
    • Experience: A highly experienced television Chef and author, with a wide range of books and other media appearances
    • Main skill base (eg pastry): Anything involving the Framptonian national vegetable, the cabbage
    • Short bio: Saint Delia began her career on local television for the New Holland Broadcasting Corporation. Her expertise in blanching cabbage soon brought her to national attention. She now owns Bogthorpe City Football Club, the Premier Football Club in Framptonia.

  • NBC Statement:

    At 18:00 tomorrow (after 7 days) applications will close. However, if one more applicant joins then the application process will close and the bakeoff will start

    - Nochilaus D'Arjois President of the NBC.

  • The entrant process is closed. Thank you.

    - Nochilaus D'Arjois

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