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    28th of September, 2015

    ZHIANGLAI-- HIS Majesty, Fredrick I the first and his company will be visiting the Republic of Xeng tomorrow to discuss a new trading proposal hopefully bolstering both economies. The Prime Minister, one in the company has addressed concerns about the mass production and potentials of bad effects on the Scandinavian Economy. "Kalmar is interested in trade, however she is not interested in trading polices which would effect 'er economy negatively. Although I support this discussion, it is something that I will discuss on behalf of Parliament of Kalmar". Also talks in the parliament from many members recondmending that an embassy should be set up in Zhianglai. But many are in the opposition especially arguing that Xeng is a nation of oppression and unless they have western polices, we should exclude them from the world. While conflict is about in the Parliament in Copenhagen, it is quite a mystery if the visit will be possible tomorrow.

    In other news, Kalmar on an embassy spree? Yes indeed! Kalmar in the last 3 days has established 3 embassies across the European Union. Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Kalmar had declared an opening to 3 more embassies to incoming nations wishing to practice diplomacy with Kalmar. Embassy applications are here. Also just recently, the Federal Republic of Germany has just released embassy applications. Of course Kalmar filled them out and click here to get an embassy with them. Is bombarment of diplomacy a good thing? Many would say its much better than war! And yet it is join the crowd. That's all for today Thank you for watching. Reporing from Oslo

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    29th of September, 2015

    COPENHAGEN-- Today the Folketing had a series of legislation that would affect the healthcare system. The Parliament in Copenhagen has now added a future to health now covering dental expenses. "Many of my colleges say that this would cripple our economy, but the truth is in order to live in this world, we need to progress fast. I don't think not having access to your doctor is progress" said senator John Thorsen. Now, many people are flooding the lines to get braces. This would be an expensive day for the Folketing, however due to effective management in organizing the lines in experiences the cost has been deceased. While the Scandinavian Economy still continues to stagnate because of a under-developed economy, they will provide everyone dental care upon request

    In other news, A buffet on the table of diplomacy? Well the King of Kalmar has invited the President of Framptonia to a royal dinner on the 2nd of October. They will discuss matter and hopefully become closer nations. Furthermore, Framptonia accepted the invitation and will be in the Opera House on the Friday evening. " I am anticipating this to turn out very well. This dinner will demonstrate that Framptonia and Kalmar are on the road to Friendship" said His Majesty. That Friday also might be a change in the performance. The King had announced in honor of their guests they probably have arrangements made for "The Magic Flute". That all we have for today-Reporting from Oslo....

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    30th of September, 2015

    COPENHAGEN-- (summary day:( )TODAY an oil industry (one of the very few oil industries that are private controlled) has requested approval from the United Kingdom of Kalmar to frack into environmentally sensitive area.. The Parliament has denied access to fracking to that company.

    In other news, Many people complain to take down a racist show "Bigtopians Say the Darndest Things". The parliament denied under citing freedom of expression under the Constitution of Kalmar.

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    1st of October, 2015

    BERGEN-- A recent study has shown that most young children in Kalmar are actually scared of clown rather than flattered by them. Many petitions flooded into the Folketing today insisting action on this issue. Political battles were displayed today on the decision. As it may seem quite silly that the Kalmaran parliament was involved in the affairs of a circus, the Education system is being extended to inform youth of fighting fears particularly around models that do not represent any negative feelings. As a result, many people are claiming that the Kalmaran government is spending too much money into education. "It is time to deal with the real issues that threaten us outside this nation, I demand increased spending in militarily. Our funding in military is outrageous" said an angry nationalist, Wilhelm Hansen. Has the Kalmaran government been spending too much in education? One defender of the Education system said, "Education is not a right in most countries around the world. Many people's dream is to study and become a skilled laborer. Education is not a necessity, it is an investment in the economy so everyone can get a job" said Senator John Thorsen. So make the standpoint on the majority in the parliament.

    In other news, Loud is key to get attention. The Kalmaran government is building an audio system in Copenhagen that will inform people of recent events or warning of upcoming events. Many say that this is building in infrastructure thus creating jobs. But of course opposition will be present. Many people say because of the audio system being state funded, it is brainwashing and we are heading in the direction of Fascism. But the majority are mostly mad because they demand all audio be placed in all major cities. But that is another project for the Parliament to working on the side....

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