European Film Festival - Season One

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    3 Movies isn't a requirement anymore. I guess one is fine for now.

    European Film Festival Contest

    Welcome to the European Film Festival, a Contest taking place in Berlin, Germany that is inviting all nations of EU to join, so nations can learn a bit more about each others culture and style!

    Numerous European Citizens will be attending the festival and seeing which movie they feel is the best. ((Which the Nations Participating will do))


    (1) All Films and Movies have to originate in the applying Nation or Principalities of that Nation. ((Puppets))

    (2) 1 Film Per Nation.

    (3) All Non-Fiction Movies have to be based on real events.

    (4) Nations have one vote per round, and cannot vote in rounds which their fil mis in.

    (5) Each Film has to have it's own template filled correctly

    ((And Lastly, be serious with the films))

    News Regarding the EFFC:

    Applications are currently being processed

    Movie Template

    1. Movie Name:
    2. Movie Genre:
    3. Director:
    4. Main Cast:
    5. Fiction or Non-Fiction:
    6. Length of Movie:
    7. Movie Plot:

    Films currently in the Festival:

    • The Desert Realm - Kalmar
    • Les Choristes - Icholasen

    1. Movie Name: The Desert Realm
    2. Movie Genre: Historical Fiction
    3. Director: Niko Henson
    4. Main Cast: (Dansk: Alfred Hemjked) English: Tim Curry
    5. Fiction or Non-Fiction: Non-Fiction* (Historical Fiction)
    6. Movie Plot:during the Times of Marcus Aurelius the Roman Emperor of 150AD, a farm boy would be taken away from his beloved farm and Be trained in the Roman Legion. He would be stationed in Mesopotamia to fight of the Parthians that wish to reclaim the war-torn fertile crescent. Throughout the movie, there will be intense moments when things seemed at stake. At the end of the movie he would meet the old Emporer and with his great deeds, would be the 12th Leigion.(2hrs 37mins)

    1. Movie Name: Les Choristes
    2. Movie Genre: Mild Drama
    3. Director: Christophe Barratier
    4. Main Cast: Jean‑Baptiste Maunier, Pierre Morhange. Gérard Jugnot, Clement Mathieu. Francois Berléand, Rachin. Kad Merad, Chabert.
    5. Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction
    6. Length of Movie: 1h37m
    7. Movie Plot: Fond de l'Etang (Literal translation: Bottom of the Pond) is a boarding school for troubled boys located in the Romain countryside. In the mid-twentieth century, it is run by the principal M. Rachin, an egotistical disciplinarian whose official unofficial mantra for the school is "action - reaction", meaning that there will be severe consequences for any boy out of line. This approach does not seem to be working as the boys as a collective are an unruly bunch. In turn, the teachers don't teach, but are always watching out for the next subversive act from the boys. January 15, 1949 marks the arrival to the school of the new supervisor, M. Clément Mathieu, a middle-aged man who is grasping at finding his place in life after a series of failed endeavors. Although he does find the boys an unruly lot, Mathieu does not believe in the "action - reaction" policy, and as such, butts heads with Rachin while secretly undermining the policy. Slowly, Mathieu's approach of trying to match the discipline to the crime does have a positive impact... but you'll have to watch to find out.

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