South Regina Governor's Election

  • South Regina Elections:

    It's been a whirlwind campaign here in South Regina, with the PoJ Nomination out of touch with the majority of people here, the Nicoleizian Speakers. Will that ruin the changes of the PoJ and increase DILF membership? Or will people turn to the Socialists, or the Liberal Democratic Socialists?

    "It is a wonderful day for DILFs and DILF supporters today. We have won control of a major Governorship. It seems the Party of June's and MILF's plan for devolution has backfired. We will never allow Dairy to be legal in this Governorship. Never will someone drink milk from Saint Novella to Saint Rose. Thank you very much." - The statement from the new Governor of South Regina, Mautirw Sseaurs-Lauls.

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