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  • Newly elected Chancellor Nathan Key

    Chancellor James Garver Ousted as Black Widow Leader; Nathan Key Elected

    By April Kennedy

    Chancellor James Garver, the 14th Chancellor of the Weiss Isles, was ousted as the leader of the Black Widow Movement earlier today in a private party conference. Garver who has received heat from the far-right in his party over plans to allow civil unions to be created by states reportedly lost confidence of his Vice-Chancellor Nathan Key. Key called for a private party conference in the so called Blue-Room of the House of Representatives chamber. Only fifty representatives remained loyal to Garver who has kept the party in government for the past seven years as a minority government. The two independents who support the government in confidence and supply were invited to the conference, and have reportedly made remarks claiming that either Garver leaves or the Coalition loses support.

    Garver who brought the Weiss Isle into the European Union, has decided to remain in parliament and has yet to announce whether he would seek reelection in the upcoming General election. In his statement released after the party conference, "It has been a remarkable career serving as Chancellor of our great nation, and I look forward to supporting Chancellor Key in parliament."

    Nathan Key who served as Vice Chancellor and Minister for Defense has served in parliament since the 2008 Election in which the Movement reclaimed it's hold on politics from the Labour Party. Consistently a popular politician who has advanced quickly through the ranks when he was an officer in the marines to the rank of Colonel before he retired to run to be Representative for Silverwood. A sharp contrast to the often blunt and toxic Garver whose actions have placed the coalition consistently below the Labour party, and initial polls are showing polls flipping for the Coalition now.

    Key has announced a goodwill tour of the Weiss Isles, followed by a series of foreign visits that have yet to be announced. Key was sworned in Chancellor by President Reihner in the afternoon has an emergency parliamentary session called by the Speaker where Key was confirmed. The Key office released this statement, "Chancellor Nathan Key has been granted a mandate to lead and reform for the future. The Chancellor has opted to announce a cabinet shuffle pending an official review of current government policy by leading experts from across Europe."

    President Reihner's office released no other statement other than that it was "pleased with the civility following the exchang of power", Palace insiders suggest that Reihner is in disagreement of Garver's ousting. Julia Parks of the Labour Party announced "that with a new Movement Leader comes the same Movement Ideals and that nothing will change." She stands ready for the first series of Question time with the new Prime Minister over his goals with his administration until the next election.

    More news to follow.

  • Chancellor Key Announces a new Cabinet; Major Reshuffle

    By April Kennedy

    Chancellor Nathan Key made public today his new cabinet. Claiming that after taking power from Chancellor Garver that he needed a new cabinet to reflect the ideals he hoped to bring to office. President Reihner swore in the new cabinet earlier today. The Martinet will provide a more extensive cabinet analysis as each cabinet member annouces their goals for their tenure. For your ease we have provided the new cainet.

  • Chancellor Key Announces Departure from Euro; Economy Rises

    By Dylan O'Brian

    Today after months of spectulation, the Black Widow Government has finally announced its intention to transition The Federated States of the Weiss Isles out of the Eurozone. The Weiss Isles will revert to the old currency, the Isles Mark, on the 16th of December. The Euro will still be an accepted currency until the 16th of March. Anyone who uses the Euro in a transaction will receive a 2% Euro Tax on their total amount, exchanging the currency or turning it at the bank will be exempted from this tax. Those with a special tax status under Code A will also be exempted from the tax. The Office of the Chancellor has announced that the Isles Mark (abbreviated IM ) will be pegged to the British Pound Sterling, with every 1.3 IM to every Pound.

    In response markets across the EU have reacted favorably to the announcement. Various Duxburian and British investors have already announced new ventures into the Weissian market. The Market increase its rating from a strong economy over to a very strong economy. This comes to blows with statements by Commissioner Beech who believes the recent turbulence in the Eurozone will cause a large economic downwind in the EU. However the response has been anything but the sort in the Weiss Isles as the markets responded positively with stocks on average rising 5%.

    The recent outpour of positive trade into the Weiss Isles will impact the resource market positively, as the Isles is a resource driven economy with its vast amount of uranium, rare earth minerals, colbalt, magnesium, and iron deposits drive the majority of the Weissian economy. Main trae partners being service economies such as the Duxburian Union, the United Kingdom, and Halsberg are only set to increase trade. We will provide more information as this develops.

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