Dolton Receives The Boot


    January 13, 2007

    Dolton Voted Out of Office
    Los Angeles, D.T.

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    Michael Dolton, former President of the Federation was voted out of office and impeached by the Congress six days after a vote began.

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    Members of the House and Senate debated and argued for days straight as the fate of the President was decided. Michael Dolton was voted out of office at 11:47 this morning as his popularity sinked and with Centrists pushing for change.

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    "A Man of complete arrogance, and utter disregard of the laws that guide our country does not deserve the title of President. I am glad this Congress voted him out"-Christian Romerian, Rep.

    Romerian was co-sponsor of this bill along with Centrist leader, John Venaveysen, over demands from citizens to vote Dolton out.

    Once voted out, the Congress had thirty days to vote in a new person as President in which they took no time wasting by electing Anthony Herrera, the man Dolton threatened his job as President. Herrera accepted followed by approval from the Congress.

    In The House of the Representatives, 181 members of the 200 seats voted in favor of the removal of President Dolton. To the suprise of many, the majority of the National Party, which held 53 seats, voted out their leader. 44 of the National Party members voted in favor of removing Dolton as President. In the Federal Senate, 81 of the 100 members voted in favor of removing Dolton from office.

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    Anthony Herrera, will be releasing his first statement at the State of the Federation address come January 15, until then, his policies of directing the nation are currently unknown.