• I'm back from Internet Issues and upgraded to Windows 10 (although the text is really thin and lighter now).

    So, I've started makin' countryballs (the proper way) a month ago and liked it alot :P

    Here's my first try on Polandball I made:

    Also when I saw these comics I just couldn't help but share them:



    I'm open for requests to make your own countryball for ya ^_^

  • You should make Icholasen one :-)

  • That's SO cool!

  • Mod

    Could you make a UK countryball?

  • Love a Framptonian one plz

  • I wouldn't mind an updated one...

  • idk I would be cool if you made mine, but my flag is too similar to Icholasen

  • @The-United-Kingdom


    Eyes got a bit weird...


    I did yours and Davishire side by side so it looks a bit same

  • Mod

    @Germany Thank you so much! They're fantastic!

  • You should definitely consider making comics about regional affairs. They're all SO good. All my praise <3

  • Thanks but I have no idea what to make comics about...

  • I'm sure you'll get inspiration when you're here a little bit longer, there's always something happening.

  • I would like one I hope Icholasen and I dont get mixed up

  • Well... Mine's orange, yours is yellow, and mine has a white stripe through the red. I'm sure it'll be fine :)

  • I want 1 that is squashing The Sahara Union Countryball down.

  • You can do mine but it might be difficult.

  • I'll get your Countryballs done soon, I just forget about this thread <3

    Here's another Comic:

  • If you're ever wanting to make one about PC, think a Soviet Union that actually embraced Socialism rather than Totalitarianism...

  • Democratic Socialism or Marxism-Leninism? [Or Whatever, I'm bad at Ideologies]


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