Operation Black Buck

  • It was early one morning, and flying high over the coastline of the Teutonic States were 4 Avro Vulcan B.2 bombers.(OOC- See this, its bloody amazng!)) At a height of 40,000 the Vulcans were 30 minutes from their intended target which, as it happened, was the same military base in which Sir Eric Pickles and Councillor Bareham were imprisoned in prior to their rescue. As the squadron was 10 minutes away from its target the pilots started a rapid descent. It was planned that by the time the aircraft reached its target it would be flying at only 2000 feet. As planned the aircraft made a rapid silent descent.

    Sqn Leader Martin Withers was in command of Vulcan XH558, the lead aircraft. With 2 minutes to target he contacted the Davishire High Command to get authority for bomb release. This was conducted through sending a radio signal to the Bucks Island Strike HQ "WASTE". There was an anxious wait, the crew had been flying over enemy territory nervously awaiting interception for some hours and didn't want this to be a pointless venture. Within a few moments the codeword "RECEPTICAL" came over the radio. This was the order for the aircraft to carry out its attack.

    Each Vulcan aircraft was carrying 10 X 1000Ib freefall conventionally armed bombs. This was less than half of the aircraft maximum armament capacity. These bombs would be released by the on board bomb aimer.

    "Captain to bomb aimer, 30 seconds, strike authorised ,you have control", the words of command issued by the captain as he handed the direction control of the aircraft to the bomb aimer. With 10 seconds to the bomb release the aircraft was flying at a steady gradient through 2500ft, when the target was in sight and the aircraft at 2000 feet the bomb aimer issued the word of command "FUSEBOX" at which point all 4 aircraft released their payloads. As the bomb aimer issued the command "TRIPPED" the pilot took back control and revved the Vulcans four olympus engines to full throttle creating an amazing howl which made the aircraft so famous at Davishirian air shows.(OOC- See link at top). Very rapidly the aircraft began to climb back up to 45,000 ft to meet its Victor refuelling tanker some 60 miles off the Northern Teutonic States coastline. Below the aircraft, massive explosions could be seen as the 40 bombs detonated on the target. Some airbursting some 20 feet above the surface with some exploding at ground level.

    Sqn Leaders Withers bought the aircraft up to 40,000 before meeting with the Victor aircraft. At this point he broadcast the codeword "WADDINGTON". The first raid of Operation Black Buck was a success...

  • The next afternoon another 4 Vulcan B.2s were flying high over the Teutonic State. Because it was daylight they were being escorted at a distance by two F-35B Lightning II fighter aircraft. The target was an area of military factories that produced munitions and other key things which would be exported to other nations, if there was no blockade that is. 10 minutes ahead of the main bomber force was a British aircraft, flying low and at speed the British plane dropped leaflets over the area that was due to be targeted 10 minutes later. The leaflets advised anybody in the area to move away from the area immediately and warned them of the impending strike. Each bomber was carrying 12, 1000Ib high explosive bombs. The three aircraft had seperate targets in the industrial area so would split off and target them each individually. The purpose of the strike was to show that the British and Davishirian Taskforce was committed to protecting the rights of the Teutonic people and that the Teutonic Government that it needs to change.

    With 15 minutes to the target the bombers once again started a rapid descent down to 2000ft in altitude. With the engines producing hardly any power at all this was an incredibly quiet manoeuvre. At this point the 4 pilots left their tight formation and headed for their individual targets. A munitions factory, a ball bearings factory, a gear manufacturing factory and a warehouse believed to be housing weapons. When the aircraft were flying straight and level at 2000ft the bomb aimers took control.

    "30 seconds... 20.....10.....5, 3, 2, 1, AWAY!"

    The bomb aimers pressed the red button and within half a second 12,000Ib of explosives were headed towards the factories below. Once again the pilots took back control, pushed the engines to full throttle creating an amazing Vulcan howl (see link on last post)as the aircraft began its climb back to its maximum operating altitude whilst heading north towards a refuelling tanker. The pilot radioed back, "Whisky" with the reply "Briefcase".

    This was the signal for another group further west to begin its run on an airport. The intention was to bomb the runway to a point where it could no longer be used. Flying below radar level 2 Vulcan B.2s were carrying a full payload of 21,000Ib high explosives. There was no fighter escort and on this occasion no warning. The Aircraft could see the runway, the bomb aimer took control of the aircraft. The first aircraft waited until the start of the runway before dropping its deadly payload one bomb at a time creating massive craters in the runway. The second plane gave it slightly longer before dropping its bombs so that the entire runway from one end to the other was smashed to bits. Once again the Vulcans accelerated toward the nearby Davishirian Military base which was still in existance. The amazing Vulcan Howl its goodbye to a shattered military airport. "Zero this is blackjack confirming zulu" Blackbuck 2 was a success...

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