Second Time's the Charm

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    She walked through Parliament, she hadn't been back here since before it all happened, it felt strange walking through feeling like nothing had changed.

    "Lady President," greeted one of the Officers of the Corps of Law, the new Police force since the civil war - it was all part of the restructuring during hostilities. However being called Lady President again was going to take some getting use to. For the last 10 months she had been the leader of His Majesty's Civil Force, or more commonly known as the Loyalists, it had only been 2 days since the election that gave the Liberal Loyalist Party, the new name for her party, a majority in the both the HM People's Assembly, the lower house, and the Royal Senate, the upper house.

    "LOYALIST SCUM!" Screamed one of the four members of the Republican Party of Poretos - clearly there was still work to be done - Alexandra shrugged off the insult, the people had declared their loyalty to the King and gave her their trust to lead them.

    "How did you sleep?" asked the Lord Chancellor, it seemed so simple to ask how she slept considering how almost a year ago he had remained so calm to lead the nation through the first days of the war after the bombing, Alexandra believed it was probably due to him that they still had a nation to protect - his quick thinking and command in the Emergency Bunker saved thousands of lives.

    "She snored constantly," replied Louis, the newly appointed Earl of Somersham, due to his humanitarian efforts and loyalty during the far, the current Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Husband to Alexandra


    "Oh cmon Alex, we've known Jordan most of our lives he knows you snore"

    "Lady President, Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal the Senators and awaits you" commented the Lord Sergeant of the Palace of the Nation as they arrived at the door the Royal Hall of Law, which led to the Senate and Assembly. They pushed the doors open to be greeted by

    "For Justice, for Liberty, for the People! Long live the King. Salute Lady Alexandra" bellowed by the House both her party and the opposition, the Poretisian Conservative Loyalists

    All 3 stood in awe.

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