The Campaign + Vote

  • The first 9,000,000 out of 90,000,000 votes came into the head sorting office. It was completed votes from many different constituencies across the nation, however usually grouped together.

  • The results are in. And, by a margin of 126,000 votes the "Yes" vote has won. This means Portland will be forced to illegalise dairy again. They have also illegalised ice cream. But, recognising the huge demand for some dairy products, the following are legal: chocolate and butter. The logic to this, is that chocolate is in such high supply in the nation already, and butter, which contains a very small amount of lactose, but is also used for many products that are useful. However this is their extent.

    There has been staunch criticism from the MILF Party at the result, they say the "No (with tight rules)" added to "No" is larger than the "Yes" vote. However, the DILF Party argues that they are fulfilling most of what the "No (with tight rules)" vote wanted, which is some legalised dairy products. And if they wanted it legalised, then they should've voted "No". "It's like voting for the Liberal Democratic Socialists and getting annoyed when the Party of June gets in, when the Socialists have a better chance of success."

    As promised, the DILF and MILF Parties will dissolve, and their seats in both houses are up for grabs. The Party of June and the LDS and the Socialists hope to capitalise on this. The LDS and Socialists hope to continue the DILF trend of appealing to Nicoleizian voters, instead of the Party of June's approach of appealing to the English speakers. The MILF and DILF Parties will still exist in regional elections, due to the DILF Party's legitimacy in the South Regina election.

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