Turmanistan Military Expansion and Future

  • President Hussain has just approved increased military spending for Turmanistan and plans to make Turmanistan a European Military Powerhouse. Turmanistan is still pending approval for a homeland in the European Union, but once settled there are plans of extensively protecting Turmanistan and its neighbors. President Hussain has envisioned a Turmanistan to be a neutral but very powerful country capable of warding off any invaders from its homeland and that of its neighbors. This urge for a powerful neutral country springs out of the diverse population of Turmanistan made of different ethnicity and religions. If Turmanistan were to be invaded or take sides in conflicts, Turmanistan would inevitably fall apart into factioned states and not remain a nation state. President Hussain is also considering proposing an official announcement of neutrality and making Turmanistan an extremely international and effective power in Europe

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