His Majesty's Lady President's Office of the Privy Council, Council of State and HM Senate

  • His Majesty's Lady President's Office of the Privy Council, Council of State and HM Senate

    An announcement released by Lady President Alexandra's Office at 11:10 24/10/15 (PMT)

    "To the People of the Second Constitutional Monarchy or Poretos, and the Governments of the European Union,

    Yesterday HMV Invictus left Port at HMNFB Routheran towards the Naval Blockade enforced around The Teutonic States, and later today shall arrive at the prescribed point, as shown on the attached map, on the border of the Naval Blockade, HMV Invictus has been equipped with 10 Fighter-Bomber Aircraft from the Seabourne 11th Air Squadron, these have received strict orders not to leave the Aircraft Carrier unless further orders are given. HMV Invictus has been positioned here to aid the Humanitarian Aid Effort of Poretos which will commence as soon as the Nations involved in the No-Fly Zone and Blockade enable the Poretos Air Fleet to commence Air Operations with the intent of the Drop Zones and Landing Zones to hand out food, medicine and provide a humanitarian response. The Transport Aircraft have been filled with Humanitarian Aid, and are available to inspection by any EU Member Nation - however any aircraft in 'Landing Zones' will be equipped with 10 Armed Personnel each, incase resistance is met in the landing zones from the resistance in the Teutonic States - for this same reason the Fighter-Bombers have been placed near the border. However most of the troops involved in this mission will be positioned as part of the Auxillary Humanitarian Front of Poretos, and have been reassigned accordingly, all flights will leave RAFB Point Kye, and have flight routes to only fly over Poretos, International and Teutonic Airspace

    Any engagements will be announced by Councillor James Tournay at the European Commision

    End of Notice"

  • His Majesty's Lady President's Office of the Privy Council, Council of State and HM Senate

    It is today that I announce that I am aware of the current opinion of Poretos being within the European Union and hereby call upon the Electoral Returning State Officers to prepare for the referendum under the following question "Should Poretos be a member of the European Union?" - this has been decided under consolation with all parties. Hence Government members cannot discuss publicly their views on the referendum to prevent political swaying - following constutional rules. Please be aware the election will take place two weeks from now. This vote will decide our membership on the European Union.

  • His Majesty's Lady President's Office of the Privy Council, Council of State and HM Senate

    "People of Poretos, and International Nations, firstly I would like to ensure the general public that we have safety guards in place - although they were prepared for a Civil War or National Event they are suitable for an international event of this type and we are able to cope for a period of time, the Local Emergency Stations have been activated and their responses have already been noted by many locals. Secondly, I would like to thank our friends and allies oversee working and fighting for us overseas as sadly we no longer have any representatives abroad as Councillor Tournay had returned home to stay the night for his Wife's Birthday and has such been unable to return to Europolis, however I have been speaking with the Government of Framptonia and they have agreed to be the Poretisian representation for these matters, to the Commision, the Council and to the Court.

    We will get through this, and our stance will not change - we condemn these actions."

  • His Majesty's Lady President's Office of the Privy Council, Council of State and HM Senate

    "Today it has been confirmed that Poretos's international connections are back online after Storm Aldehyde, the worst storm in Poretos's history, HMRNA Logistics Division (His Majesty's Royal Naval Armada) have been working around the clock since yesterday evening when it was deemed safe to leave port and have been able to reconnect 2 of our major communications networks to the rest of the European Union and as the cloud density has reduced satellite communications have been re-established, although we expect further storms and dangerous conditions in the new few days the and the National Office for Weather (NOW) continues to have weather warnings in place across Poretos especially in Costal Areas however current defences are holding place and we have had no new reports of evacuations of damage to property. PEA (Poretos Environment Agency) has currently supported the disaster across the nation and there defences have been a great aid to the defence against this disaster and have greatly reduced the economic costs - however the Senate and Assembly have approved the use of the Emergency Disaster Fund created during the last Assembly under the Social Disaster Act that we brought forward. In the coming days the full scale of the disaster will be revealed however no casualties have been confirmed - however we are unsure how many people have been unable to seek help due to minor medical conditions during this time. However we will continue to work to assess the problem and deal with the situations as they arise. Please continue to work with us as we re-establish communications and don't make unnecessary journey's during this time, however the end is in sight, and we will get through this.

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