Glenlorraine plc

  • Formerly known as
    Glenlorraine Limited until 18-Nov-1995

    General information
    Founded: 18-Aug-1975 as Glenlorraine Limited
    Headquarters: Anglesey, Anglesey
    Chairman/CEO: Mr. Sidney Jones
    Employees: 68,700
    Revenue: NS$6.35 billion
    Profit: NS$1,397,354,000 or NS$13.22 per share
    Sector: Consumer staples
    Industry: Beverages
    Products: Beer, gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey
    Websites: glenlorraine.ln

    Capital structure
    Debentures: NS$240,000,000 5-year Debenture with 4.575% interest paid annually due 19-Oct-2018 and NS$145,000,000 5-year Debenture with 5.500% interest paid annually due 13-April-2020
    Long-term credit rating: A+ (Nikkei)
    Short-term credit rating: A+ (Nikkei)
    Preference shares outstanding: 0
    Ordinary shares outstanding: 110,000,000
    Total shares outstanding: 110,000,000

    Ownership structure
    88,000,000 ordinary shares (80%) owned by employees
    22,000,000 ordinary shares (20%) owned by Newcastle Brewing Co. plc

    100% of Glenlorraine Limited
    Brands owned: Amstel Vodka, Glenlorraine, Murray’s, and White Tiger Gin
    Ages of Glenlorraine: 3-year old, 7-year old, 11-year old, 20-year old, and 30-year old
    100% of Heineken International, Ltd.
    Brands owned: Amstel Beer, Heineken, Murphy’s, Star Beer, and Tiger Beer

    14,000,000 ordinary shares (20%) of Newcastle Brewing Co. plc

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