Davishire- Secretary of State for Defence

  • Office of the Secretary of State for Defence

    "I can confirm that the Government of the United Kingdom of Davishire has recieved notice that the nation of Poretos is planning to fly aircraft into the No Fly Zone over the Teutonic States.

    I have been asked by the Secretary of State to confirm that the No Fly Zone will be enforced unless prior permission is given. Thus far Davishire has not given permission for non coalition aircraft to enter the no fly zone except to land at the Davishirian airbase in the Teutonic States. It is unlikely that this situation will change.

    If any aircraft from Poretos, or any other non-UK or Davishire aircraft enters the no fly zone it is very likely that force will be used. The sea blockade will also be enforced against all those without permission."

  • A Statement by the Secretary of State for Defence

    As I am sure you are aware there is currently a no fly zone and blockade in operation over Poretos and the Teutonic State. I am here to provide you with a brief update. Currently the no fly zone is in operation 24 hours per day. I can now confirm that from tomorrow morning there will be routes where aircraft may fly through in order to reach major international airports. These routes will be open for a period of time during the day which is yet to be determined

    . Military traffic will still be prohibited from flight.

    Further information shall be posted later today.


  • A Statement by the Secretary of State for Defence
    Right Honourable Mr Howard Johns MP

    Over the past few years the various governments of Davishire have continued to maintain a military of significant size. Whilst I understand that those governments held such large standing armies, numbering around 2 million at a time when Davishire was under threat but also a threat to others, such a military does not fit with the new Davishire that this government is trying to create. This government wants a Davishire that is able to work with its European allies, that isn't obsessed with intervening in other nations affairs. Reducing the size of our armed forces is the first step.

    I admit it was only a short time ago that this government promised to keep the armed forces where they are in terms of funding and capability, doing so however is not beneficial to our nation. It just helps to seed division between Davishire and our European partners. For that reason, I am now going to confirm some changes to our current defence policy.

    1. Davishire will end its military presence in the Teutonic State within 3 months. Admittedly, this military base is in the Teutonic State with the full agreement of the respective government and has been for over a year however times change and this military base does not provide any strategic value in a world of submarines and long range missiles.

    2. Changes to the army- in the modern age a large standing army is not necessary. This government does not, unlike past governments, foresee the possibility of mass intervention on the scale that we have seen in recent years. For that reason I can confirm that the army will see significant restructuring. We shall move from the current 300 divisions of mechanised troops, to maintaining a standing army of only 250 divisions of mechanised troops. We shall reduce the number of armoured regiments, from the current 65 to 55, and the number of artillery regiments from the current 50 regiments to 45. The Commonwealth Army Reserve shall also be restructured, reducing the number of reserve mechanised units from the current 50 regiments to 30 and amalgamating all 5 reserve airborne divisions into 2.

    3. Changes to the air force- the Royal Air Force is a key component of this nations military capability. With the ability to strike at long range our air force was used to great effect over the Teutonic State last year. It is however important to modernise our air forces strike capability. Therefore of the current 5 bomber squadrons in operation, both of the victor units currently in operation will be stood down. The victor is an ageing aircraft and has served with the air force for many years. Out of the remaining 3 Vulcan squadrons, 1 will be stood down. We will however invest further in our major air defences, this shall include funding for a further 20 squadrons of fighter bomber aircraft, notably the F35B Lighting II which is also able to operate from the navies aircraft carriers.

    With these changes our armed forces will move into the future, better prepared to take on the challenge of defending our nation or our allies from any possible threats. Now, lets move forward.

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