((IC - TOP SECRET)) Cabinet Meeting concerning the Teutonic States

  • In a meeting on Friday 23rd October 2015, the Cabinet of Framptonia considered information concerning the kidnapping of Lucinda Bareham and subsequent events in the Teutonic States.

    The following points were confirmed:

    • Lucinda Bareham is pregnant and is claiming that the child was fathered by her late husband and so will inherit the estate of the Dukedom of Eloe
    • the estate of the Dukedom of Eloe has been broken up and a significant part gifted to the dependants of the Davishirian Armed Forces
    • it was felt to be improbable that Mrs Bareham's unborn child was fathered by the late Duke
    • it was conceded that the child of Lucy Rigby was fathered by the Duke and so was an heir to the estate
    • prior to her kidnapping, Mrs Bareham had sexual relationships with both Sir Eric Pickles and Gorthaur
    • Mrs Bareham was kidnapped on the instruction of the leaders of the Teutonic States as a consequence of her relationship with Gorthaur
    • Davishire had been providing arms and support to the rebels lead by Gorthaur
    • Sir Eric Pickles was not kidnapped,
    • Sir Eric's presence in Teutonic States was a deception perpetrated by Davishire in order to generate a reason to undertake military operations in the area in support of Gorthaur
    • Davishire's interest in the Teutonic States is a consequence of there being uranium deposits in the area
    • Mrs Bareham had doubts about the veracity of Sir Eric's claims to have been kidnapped
    • the operation to extract Mrs Bareham was treated by Davishire as an opportunity to assassinate Sir Eric
    • when Sir Eric survived the military operation, he was murdered by a Davishirian/Framptonian double agent.

    The full transcript of the meeting can be read by clicking here

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