ECoJ Nominations, October 2015

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    On the orders of the out going European Court of Justice, the elections for Commission XX have been declared null and void and will thus be re-run, and in order to have the European Court of Justice nomination process run more closely along the the Commission election process, they will now officially commence. It should be stressed however, that the current ECoJ is not dissolved, and will continue to operate until the election of the new ECoJ is complete.

    Nominations start now (08.00 GMT, October 26) and will end at that time on the 2nd of November. Voting will start at that time, unless the Commission elections are delayed until a point after that time - in that case, ECoJ and Commission elections will run concurrently. You may not serve a third consecutive term on the ECoJ, nor may any Justice come from the same member state as the Premier Commissioner.

    Please nominate candidates thus:

    [Candidate photograph or image]

    Candidate Name: Home Nation: Incumbent? [Y/N] Experience:

  • RC1_1075

    Lord Justin Olatos of Sedringham, Br, MRSL, MA, BA

    Nationality: Poretos

    Non Incumbent


    Education: Tettenhall University, Post Doc in Criminal Law and Humanitarianism, Masters Degree in Criminal Law, Bachelors Degree in Law and Politics

    Empire of Poretos: Vice-President of the Criminal Division, Lord Justice of Appeal, (then dismissed for Services opposed to the Empire to bring forth Democracy)

    1st Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos: (all degrees reinstated and honours granted) Fellow of the Royal Society of Law, President of the Criminal Divison, King's Judicial Bench, King's Counsel, Justice of the High Court of the 1st Constitutional of Poretos

    2nd Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos: Professor of Law a Tettenhall University, Kings Judicial Bench, King's Counsel, King's Privy Council, Lord Supreme Justice (mainly ceremonial and advisory with overseeing duties)

    • Candidate Name: Hubert Christian
    • Home Nation: The Empire of Inimicus
    • Incumbent? [Y/N] N
    • Experience:
      • Was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Law with First Class Honours at Telum University in 1976
      • Was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in International Law with First Class Honours in 1977
      • Was awarded a Master of Arts in 1981
      • Served as Presidential Counselor from 1985 to 2011, and as Imperial Counselor from 2012 onwards.
      • Serves as Chief Judge of two Inimician provinces
      • Was knighted in 2013 for exceptional services to Inimicus
      • Served on previous ECoJs

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    Candidate name: Salim Joubran

    Home nation: Angleter

    Incumbent? N


    • Born 1947
    • BA Hons (Law) 1968, LL.M. 1969
    • Criminal Lawyer 1970-74
    • Constitutional Lawyer 1974-2009
    • President of the Royal Association of Legal Practitioners 2009-14

  • [b]Candidate Name: [/b]The Right Honourable Lord Chief Justice of Framptonia Dame Jane Dorr

    [b]Home Nation:[/b] The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

    [b]Incumbent: [/b]Yes

    [b]Experience: [/b]

    [list][list][o]Educated Cheltenham Ladies College, England[/o][o]Limpdom Metropolitan University (1983-1986), 1st class honours in Law and Spanish[/o][o]In training at Limpdom Inn Chambers (1986 - 1992)[/o][o]In private practice (1992 - 1995)[/o][o]President's Counsel to Department of Financial & Economic Affairs (1995 - 2002)[/o][o]Judge in Framptonia's Appeal & Supreme Courts (2002 - 2010)[/o][o]Lord Chief Justice of Framptonia (2010 - )[/o][o]Justice at European Court of Justice (2015 - )[/o][/list][/list]

  • Candidate name: Nara al-Kahina

    Home nation: The Sahrawi Union

    Incumbent?: N


    • LL.L (Civil Law) from Université Moulay Ismaïl (1989)
    • Labour and Employment Lawyer (1990-1999)
    • Workers' Rights Ombudsman for the Laayoune City Council (1999-2004)
    • Judge at the Sahrawi Labour and Employment Council (2004-2011)
    • President of the Sahrawi Labour Congress (2011-2014)
    • Director at the International Labour Rights Forum (2014-present)


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