Supreme Venetia War List

  • Official Nation name: The Empire of Supreme Venetia
    Conventional Nation name(s): Venetia


    Exercito Inperiàł Venesian (Military Service)

    Aeronautica Inperiàł Venesiana (Air Force)

    Marina Inperiàł Venesiana (Navy)

    Army (personnel): 160.000
    Air Force (planes): 420
    Navy (ships): 34
    Total military personnel: 180.560

    Total upkeep cost: 720
    Total IC's available: 4.796
    Total IC's used: 4.710

    Motorised Infantry: 7
    Mechanised Infantry: 5
    Airborne: 5
    Special Forces: 2
    Armour: 8
    Artillery: 5

    Fighter: 4
    Fighter-Bomber: 4
    Attack Helicopter: 1
    AWACS: 1
    Tanker: 1
    Transport: 1
    Bomber: 2
    Strategic Bomber*: 0

    Patrol Boat: 10
    Corvette: 5
    Frigate: 5
    Destroyer: 3
    Cruiser*: 0
    Transport Ship: 0
    Amphibious Assault Carrier: 0
    Helicarrier: 0
    Aircraft Carrier, Light: 1
    Aircraft Carrier, Standard: 0
    Supercarrier*: 0
    Attack Submarine, Diesel (SSK): 10
    Attack Submarine, Nuclear* (SSN): 0
    Cruise Missile Submarine, Nuclear* (SSGN): 0
    Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear* (SSBN): 0

    ICBM silo*: 0
    Mobile ICBM launcher*: 0
    Strategic Nuclear Warheads: 0
    Strategic Biological Warheads: 0
    Strategic Chemical Warheads: 0

    Satellites*: Yes
    Military Satellite Network*: Yes
    Space programme: Yes
    Space research programme*: Yes
    Nuclear technology*: No
    Nuclear weapons*: No
    Biological weapons*: No

    Chemical weapons*: No

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