Aleutia - Embassies

  • [center]Empire of Aleutia[/center]

    [center] photo Flag_of_the_Roman_Empire_East_705-1265.png[/center]

    [center]Head of State: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Thomas Palaiologos[/center]

    Head of Government: Premier Adela Marcellus Regnard (Christian Democrats)

    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Duke of Opsikion, Walerian Quintin (Christian Democrats)

     photo Beylerbeyi-Palace-40894.jpg

    Beylerbeyi Palace - House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Empire of Aleutia welcomes all nations around the world. This is the official channel for communication between our nation and yours. But prior to any official communication, please establish your embassy here with us.

    Embassy Application



    Image (optional):



    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff:

    Number of Security:

    Weaponry Present (if any):

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s):

    Special Requests:

    [center]Current Embassies and Ambassadors[/center]

    • Poretos, the Second Constitutional Monarchy of - Rt. Hon Len Leech (Member of the Order of the Dove)

    The metropolitan police department of Constantinople is currently responsible for the security of the Embassy of the Second Constitutional Monarchy.

    • Angleter, the Apostolic Kingdom of - Sir Jonathan Carpert

    The Angleteric flag is flying outside the embassy building, like at other embassy buildings. The Aleutian government is happily supplying the Angleteric staff with Ferrero Rocher delivery every week.

    • Framptonia, the Federal Democratic Republics of - Mrs. Deboroah Gates

    Like in front of the Angleteric embassy, or any other embassy, the Framptonian flag is flying proudly in front of their embassy. The embassy office is located on the 2nd floor of the building, facing south.

    • Ischolasen, the United Kingdom of - Nochilaus Taylor
    • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - Kristy Hayes.

    The United Kingdom embassy is located on the first floor, right under the embassy of Framptonia. Although there has been plan to move the embassy to the basement to accommodate the ambassador's fear of height, but it was thought to be inappropriate.

    • Kalmar, the United Kingdom of - Mette Knudsen
    • Duxburian, the Aelirian Dominions of - Alice Nemerian

  • mbassy Application

    Nation: The Second Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos


    Image (optional):

    Name: Rt.Hon Len Leech MOD (Member of the Order of the Dove)

    Age: 34

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: Initial: 6, 12 after Consulate Support System in place

    Number of Security: Initial 2, 6 after Consulate Support System in place

    Weaponry Present (if any): Poretos has a no Foreign Arms Policy (So No)

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Initial 2, Final 6

    Special Requests: National Security Support due to lack of firearms - but not much else.

  • His Imperial Government welcomes the Rt. Hon Len Leech of the Second Constitutional Monarchy to the Empire. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with your nation. It is also our honor to provide security support from the Metropolitan Police Department of Constantinople for your embassy, the ambassador himself, as well as all of the staff of the embassy, as requested.

  • Admin

    Embassy Application

    Nation: Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter


    Name: Sir Jonathan Carpert

    Age: 55

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 16

    Number of Security: 4

    Weaponry Present (if any): 4 FAMAS, 8 Manurhin MR 73

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Rolls-Royce Phantom (Armoured)

    Special Requests: Flagpole to fly Angleteric flag outside or from embassy building; supply of Ferrero Rocher (the Angleteric government will fund both requests)

  • Nation: The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

    Ambassador: Mrs Deboroah Gates

    Age; 38

    Number of staff: 8

    Number of Security: 3

    Weaponry Present: 2 Glock handguns, electric batons, tasers and pepper spray

    Ambassadorial Vehicles: One Mercedes Benz limousine and one electric car

    Special requests: A south facing office, not on the ground floor. The ability to fly our flag.

  • Nation: Icholasen

    Ambassador: Nochilaus Taylor

    Image (optional):

    Name: Nochilaus Taylor

    Age: 60

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 2

    Number of Security: 2

    Weaponry Present (if any): None

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): None

    Special Requests: None

  • Admin

    Embassy Application

    Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


    Name: Kristy Hayes

    Age: 38

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 15

    Number of Security: 5

    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard issue Glock 17 pistols, British standard SA80 rifles for each member of security

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Two Vauxhall Insignias (armoured, of course) from the Foreign Office

    Special Requests: Mrs. Hayes is scared of heights, so something closer to the ground would be appropriate.

  • Embassy Application

    Nation: The United Kingdom of Kalmar

    Ambassador: Mette Knudsen


    Age: 72

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 9

    Number of Security: 3

    Weaponry Present (if any): 3 Tasers, and 2 pistols

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Royale Bjørn Edition 4(Armored)

    Special Requests: Ability to fly national flag

  • All embassy requests have been accepted. We welcome our friends to Constantinople.

  • Admin

    Embassy Application

    Nation: The Aelirian Dominions of Duxburian Union


    Name: Alice Nemerian

    Age: 34

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 20

    Number of Security: 10

    Weaponry Present (if any): Assault rifles and tasers for security, 9mm service pistols for staff

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Hendry A1 Diplomatic Class

    Special Requests: A helipad, and 2 LaWS modules on the roof

  • Aleutia welcomes the Duxburian ambassador to Constantinople.

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