Supreme Venetia - Factbook

  • Conventional Name: The Empire of Supreme Venetia

    Motto: Libertate Iuncti (United in Freedom)

    Capital city: Venice (Venesia)

    Largest city: Verona

    Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

    Head of State: Emperor Alexander V

    Head of Government: Davide Rossini

    Legislature: Great Council

    - Upper House: Senate

    - Lower House: Council of Commons

    Established: 27/07/1878


    Demonym: Venetian

    Official Language: Venetian

    Other Recognised Languages: Italian and French.

    Population: 86,270,400 (2015 estimate)

    Ethnic Groups: 91,8% Venetian, 5% Italian, 2,2% French, 1% Other

    State Religion: None (Secular State)

    Religions: 80,1% Christian, 16,4% No Religious Preference, 1,5% Islam, 0,9% Hinduism 0,7% Judaism, 0,4% Other.

    Literacy: 99%

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