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  • 10:30 am

    Following the announcement last night election of Dr Suzannah Beech to a position of Commissioner within the European Commissioner, I have this morning accepted Dr Beech's resignation from her role within the Framptonian Government as Secretary of State for Judicial and Constitutional Affairs. Dr Beech has been a great servant for the nation of Framptonia and whilst in office was the principle agent in our Country's successful accession to the European Union. She has also resigned her seat in the National Parliament and there will be a by-election held in her seat of Deeping St Bogthorpe on 31st December. I wish Dr Beech well in her new role. I am sure she will be a great success, as she has been in every venture in which she has been involved.

    As a consequence of Dr Beech's departure, I have generated a new Cabinet position of Deputy Prime Minister. This role incorporates the functions of Dr Beech's previous post. I am pleased to announce that Miss Phillipa Bentley has accepted the seals of office and has already commenced work in her new role.

    Ric Metcalfe - Prime Minister

  • A personal statement by Miss Phillipa Bentley

    It is a great honour to find myself today appointed both Leader of the Democratic Socialist Part of Framptonia and State Prime Minister. My only regret today is that my father did not live to see me accept these two honours.

    I have sworn the Oath of Allegiance to the Republic, but I make this promise to the people of Framptonia. My Government has no purpose except that of improving the lot of the most deprived residents of our Country. We will seek to achieve that through economic growth, but economic growth is not an objective in its own right My Government will be known for its fairness and opposition to inequality.

    I must express my appreciation of the work undertaken by my predecessor Ric Metcalfe. His resignation has been a huge loss to Framptonia. I also have to announce the resignation of Dimness Healey from his role of Comptroller General. Everyone who knows Dimness and his wicked sense of humour will understand how greatly he will be missed.

    I have spent this afternoon meeting with my colleagues and am pleased to announce that I have made the following appointments to the Cabinet:

    • Comptroller General - Alan Thomas
    • Secretary of State for Foreign & International Affairs (and Deputy Prime Minister) - Miss Lucy Rigby
    • Secretary of State for Defence and Homeland Security - Flight Commander Guy Gibson
    • Secretary of State for Constitutional & Judicial Affairs - Mrs Debbie Loader
    • Secretary of State for National Infrastructure - Richard Willis

  • It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the final piece in the jigsaw of my Cabinet reshuffle with the appointment of Mrs Hilary Brake as the Minister of State for Constitutional Affairs

  • It is with great sadness that I stand before you today, making my first public address to the nation as your Prime Minister.

    The explosion in Strait Bargate, Bogthorpe yesterday has claimed 112 lives, taken from us prematurely. The victims are predominantly Framptonians though there are a small number of casualties from other states. The authorities are in the process of identifying the bodies and informing the familes of the deceased. In addition there are over 900 casulaties who have been treated and are continuing to be treated in hospitals around the Country.

    Framptonia 200, the celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Framptonia, which were due to commence on Tuesday, have been cancelled, the three days of national holiday will be replaced by three days of national mourning.

    The security forces indicate that the explosion in the Oldrids Megastore was caused by a bomb, but there has been no indication as to who planted the bomb that has brought devastation to our streets and ripped the heart from our nation on the eve of its celebration. Nobody has made any claim for this action.

    My personal condolences go to Dr Suzannah Beech, the Commissioner for Economics, whose brother Michael, is one of the victims and whose body was identified at the scene. Michael was one of my personal friends.

    Phillipa Bentley - National Prime Minister

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