The Northern Powerhouse

  • From the Office of the President

    To the Heads of State for The United Kingdom, Davishire, Germany, Kalmar, Xeng and Stonekrog.

    Pacifist Cowards wishes to hold a joint summit of growing and established northern nations. with items on the agenda including trade, defence and humanitarian causes. If you would like to attend, or send a representative in your stead, please reply with the following:

    Name of Representative Attending:
    <p>Size of Party (including translators/guards):
    Additional Topics of Interest for Your Nation:

    If you cannot attend, or choose not to, then I would welcome any feedback you would choose to give.

    With Regards,

    Yuri Ivanov

    President of the People's Republic of Pacifist Cowards

  • Admin

    Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

    Name of Representative Attending: Prime Minister Hugh Robertson

    Size of Party (including translators/guards): 14

    - Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Zac Goldsmith

    - Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, William Hague

    - 4 translators (One Russian, One Danish, One German, One Mandarin)

    - 7 security personnel, armed by to Protection Command standards (standard issue Glock pistol, two carrying standard issue British rifles)

    Additional Topics of Interest for Your Nation:

    - Movement of persons, visa-free trade, standards for immigration

    - Educational cooperation and exchange

    - Foreign language teaching positions for Mandarin, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian in British schools and universities

  • Nation: The Free land of Stonekrog

    Name of Representative Attending: President Jakob Koch

    Size of Party (including translators/guards): 7

    3 translators (German, Mandarin, Russian)

    4 security guards.

    Additional Topics of Interest for Your Nation:

  • [b]Name of Representative Attending:[/b] Lei Feng (Secretary of Trade and Commerce) & Yi Xiao Sheng (Secretary of Foreign Affairs)
    [b]Size of Party (including translators/guards):[/b] 12 (The Ministers and 5 scurity gaurds for each minister)
    [b]Additional Topics of Interest for Your Nation:[/b] Trade and investment, movement of peoples and visa agreements. 

  • Name of Representative Attending: His Majesty, Frederick I
    <p>Size of Party (including translators/guards): 
    -Minister of Diplomacy, Halbred Elksford
    -Royal Slavic Translator, Lars Erik Cotterbörg
    -Royal Far Eastern Translator, Dominik van Haage
    -Minister of Finance, Håkon Sjælbøld
    -2 Royal Guard (equipped with pistol one each, under armour, and taser)
    Additional Topics of Interest for Your Nation: Joint Research agreement, Financial Unification Pact, and actions to punish Davishire


  • The Federal Republic of Germany hereby accepts your request. The Following is our Application.

    Nation Name:
    Federal Republic of Germany

    Representatives Attending:
    Chancellor Joel Krauss

    Size of Party: 10 [Excluding Chancellor]
    Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs: Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development: Gerd Müller

    • Two Translators: Danish and Mandarin
    • Six Security Guards

  • Nation- THe United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks
    Name of Representative Attending: Rt Hon. George Osbourne MP (Prime Minister) <p>Size of Party (including translators/guards): Rt Hon Sir Boris Johnson CEDM, Minister of State for the European Union Rt Hon David Lidington MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Rt Hon Mark Rutte MP, Secretary of State for Defence Rt Hon Lord Richards, Secretary of State for Trade and International Development 4X Translators as necessary 5X Police Protection Officers equipped with 22" Monadnock Autolock Batons, CAPTOR Incapacitant Spray, X26 Tazer, 2 officers in possession of Glock 9mm Handguns Additional Topics of Interest for Your Nation: -Free Trade and the movement of persons -International Smuggling of Drugs -Border Security and International Terrorism -Defence and the Teutonic State

  • Silent Grove - Cowardly Capital

    With the invitations accepted, preparations were made to host the conference as soon as possible. The Workers' Building, seat of the Duma and Trade Unions Council, was plastered in multilingual banners in preparation for the state visit of foreign leaders. The People's Assembly Building, where the main talks would take place, was carefully cleaned, tided and given a fresh lick of paint. The roads from the airport to both buildings lay heavy with banners and streamers, welcoming the foreign visitors in their native tongues. Finally, every effort was made to acquire "touches of home" for the dignitaries, with the importation of food, art and cultural items from each of the other nations.

    The first day itinerary for the delegates went as such:

    Plane lands to a full ceremonial salute and band music from the Cowardly Army (national anthems of visiting nation, and other culturally appropriate songs)

    Delegates shown to their convoys, where they can be taken on a tour of the city if they wish, or they can travel directly to the Workers' Building. Each leader will be assigned a tour guide for this journey, fluent in the dignitary's language.

    Official state reception by Upper and Lower House (TUC and Duma) in the Workers' Building. Light refreshments available, first opportunity for delegates and parties to mingle.

    In the afternoon, convene at the People's Assembly Building for low-level talks, then take evening meal in the banquet suite.

    Finally, late evening entertainment options include sports events (ice hockey or association football), opera, theatre or open bar karaoke. Delegates and their parties are free to attend as many or as few of these events as scheduling permits, or they may retire to their rooms in the PAB or their own embassy, whichever they prefer.

  • Secretaries Yi Xiao Sheng and Lei Feng both got out of their assigned convoys with their security teams. THey meade thier way to the Workers Building near the State Duma Secretary Sheng was lucily Fluent in Russian and could seak to the local inhabirants if need be. He thought he would phone President Yuri Ivanov's office as a polite curtesy call to let him and his staff know they were on their way. He got on his phone and waiting for someone to answer. as they madre thier way across to the font antrance of the Workers building.

  • The Scandinavian party followed the Xeng accompanied by their own royal guards accustomed in their bright tundra blue and rose red outfits. While the King was accounting for the notes and the speech, the Prime Minster and the Translators made their way along the Xeng in their places. (Yes, the King will give a speech addressing Kalmar's interests.)

  • President Koch was escorted out of his hotel room by 2 security guards. out on the street a black SUV with stained windows was parked parralel to the hotel entrace, with a security guard holding the door for him.

    The translators and the last guard was waiting for him outside the The Workers' Building. The guard followed the party to their seats with the 3 others and translators follow suit.

  • EDIT: Do to recent events and arguments with the invitees and current nations joining the summit the Federal Foreign Office cancels their application.

  • Admin

    22 November 2015

    I regret to inform the gathered company that I nor the diplomatic team assembled will be able to attend this summit.

    The Rt. Hon. Hugh Robertson, MP

    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • Formal Notification

    Due to the current situation in Davishire it is not possible for anyone to attend this summit.

    We look forward to the possibility of further meetings.

  • With great fanfare, each of the (now reduced) parties of dignitaries arrived on Cowardly tarmac to a stirring rendition of their national anthems, and a full salute from the Honour Guard assembled to greet them. With none of the three dignitaries opting for the long tour, they arrived at the Workers' Building within a short amount of time, the diplomatic convoys being guided through cleared streets by army and police personnel.

    Once there, they were met in the atrium by standing applause from both Houses, before the President formally introduced himself to each party, before introducing his cabinet and significant Cowardly politicians and personalities who had gathered to meet the first official foreign delegations on their shores. Following the introductions and the handshakes, everyone was invited to the Debate Hall, which had been laid out with craft tables of food and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, clearly labelled), and tables and chairs decorated in gaudy patterns based on a combination of all 4 nations' flags. President Ivanov took to the lectern at the far end of the room and began to address those present in his native Russian.

    "Comrades, we welcome you to our nation in the spirit of peace and hospitality. Though this past month has seen its share of divisive incidents, of hostile rhetoric and national tragedies, I know that there are those in this room who believe strongly in the Union of nations that makes up this region, and share my determination to rise above fear and hate to make this region a better place, not just for us but our children and grandchildren as well! We meet here, in the hall taken from tyrants by the people, in order to bring peace and prosperity, hopefully, to our peoples. In a moment, we will be free to mix and mingle, to discuss trade and finance and defence, but first, if we may offer a moment's reflection for the people of New London, who suffered a fate they didn't deserve due to this region's inability to unite in the face of tyrants and atrocities, and due to this region's eagerness to resort to the sword over the conference table. If the actions of the men and women in this room accomplish nothing else, let us work towards peace, and unity, in our time"

    With that, he stepped back from the microphone, and lowered his head for a minute's silence. Once that passed, the band in the corner struck up a jaunty tune, as the busy chatter of mingled politicians began to fill the hall, and President Ivanov and his assembled ministers moved among the various parties to begin more informal discussions of what each nation was looking for out of these talks.

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  • Foreign Affairs Secretary Yi Xiao Sheng cleared his throat and spoke suprisignly in fluent Russian "The recent events are indeed tradgic, and the Xengese people sympithise. Howeer this isn't the time to regress into narrow national self-interest... Indeed in the spirit of this summit we would ask all delegates here on behalf of the countries they represent would be interested in lowering borders, as in easing of Visa requirements or a full integration into the Schengen area? WE beleive that citizens should have maximum mobility throughout the union in general as a whole. ESpecially humanitarian refugees.Thoughts anyone?

  • "Indeed, a dark hour for the north. However, I am sure together we can achieve so much. It is important to move on and improve. Moving on, I do absolutely agree with Xeng on this issue. We are a Union a confederacy if you may. We, as a community, are all one nation. So it is not at all unreasonable lower our boarders between our nations. Plus, this would benefit all of our nations influentially, economically, and eventually establish the European identity.", said the Diplomat that soon took the King's place as he glanced over his notes.