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  • The 2nd Constitution brought into effect

    Today at 12:00 PMT the new Constitution of The 2nd Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos came into effect replacing the Civil Charter of Armistice which came into effect at the end of the civil war as the central piece of Poretisian Legislation covering the system of government, the royal prerogative and international matters, heres a quick run down on the changes.

    1. Poretos has a new flag, many associated the old flag with the civil war so the Chamber for Media, Sport and Culture developed a new flag attempting to incorporate the old one whilst trying to maintain a new look:


    2. The Royal Prerogative has remained largely unaffected except the Right of the Monarch to dissolve the Assemblies is now limited to a period of 40 days, after which a new or the old Parliament must return to session for at least one day - many see this as flawed however this is a massive shift in being able to alter the royal prerogative as this has never been seen in Poretos.

    3. The structure of the Assemblies has been altered, although not changed much since the Armistice, the new system is wildly different from the 1st Constitutional Monarchy's System - further powers have been given to Committees, smaller branches of the People's National Assembly (the lower house), into incorporating laws - effectively giving these committees the power to veto laws regarding their matter - a power no longer held by the appointed High Court of Poretos. This has been largely applauded, and the speaker now is responsible for ensuring the education of each member of the committee to ensure they suit the role. The Upper House has changed slightly - The Senate now composes 30 members 25 of whom are elected by national vote - the Leader of the Opposition, Lady or Lord President, the Bishop of Eranseth, the University of Hetral Representative (elected by Students, Professors and academics nationwide) and the Leader of the High Court are the further members of the Senate - this has wildly changed the aspect with only 2 being non-elected completely.

    4. The Human Rights of the European Union, are now further enshrined in Poretisian Law with the addition of the right to Information which allows members of the public to launch a Freedom of Information Request and created PIN, the Free news network.

    Further information is available on the Government's website

  • Poretos closes Ports and Harbours to Davishire

    In response to the continued actions of Davishire in the Teutonic State and their airways and water ways His Majesty's Council in State has from this point onwards closes all Ports and Harbours to Davishirian Vessels, this includes all Vessels registered in Davishire The Lord Chancellor today signed the Order in Council, not to be confused with His Majesty's Royal Proclamation equivalent, at a Council meeting which he chaired whilst the Lady President was in a Senate Session discussing National Security Infrastructure. The order is believed to have been agreed on by a unanimous vote including all the Officers of State, excluding the Lady President, and numerous Councillors involved. The National Assembly will, as with all Order's in Council, now consider the Order however it is likely to remain in place. The Order gives vessels currently in port 24 hours to leave unless they can prove to the Harbour Master that they are unable to leave or leaving port would cause serious harm or injury. The order does state that it will be lifted when Davishire's actions regarding the Teutonic State have ceased. The Government have stated this will not effect other users of the ports as all vessels must already register upon arrival.

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