Statements by the Commissioner for Defence Peacekeeping

  • People of Europe,

    Before I get into the meat of what this statement is going to include I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in the recent elections. Your support is greatly appreciated and I hope that I can count on this support over the coming term.

    Now, onto commission policy.A matter that has been much discussed over recent months is the issue of nuclear disarmament and regulation of nuclear weapons within the European Union. The Nuclear Weapons Act in May showed that the non-nuclear states of this region are not happy with the status quo which we have reverted back to since its repeal a few weeks ago. I would like to work with the Commissioner for Internal affairs towards a treaty which restricts the creation of nuclear weapons amongst those member states which sign and agree to it. I look forward to working with the nuclear weapons states and the internal affairs commissioner in this endeavour.

    I would also like to announce that I am conducing a review of security arrangements in Europolis in regard to the European council and other European institutions. I plan to reform the security arrangements to make them more secure so that the council, commission and other European Union organisations are able to work safely and efficiently in Europolis. Once the review is conducted I shall announcce the results and the reforms that I am going to put into place.

    Once again I would like to thank the people of Europe for putting their trust in me.

  • Official Statement by the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

    "This morning when I was awoken by my aide I had quite a shock. I heard that Davishire had started military action against Poretos. A nation which is relatively peaceful and has had no negative dealings with Davishire before recent days. I would like to say that I condemn this action whole heartedly and urge the two nations to come to a diplomatic solution to the situation.

    I can confirm that I spoke with the Davishirian Prime Minister earlier today, and I plan to speak with the Government of Poretos very soon. I hope that this situation will normalise itself soon. I urge a calm response from the international community and hope that we in the remainder of Europe can keep our heads.

    I shall keep the region updated as things progress"

  • A Statement by the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

    Nuclear Weapons Update

    I am issuing this statement to express regret for failing to meet one of the commitments I made during the election campaign. That is to work with nuclear states to get an initial agreement to reduce the number of awful weapons of mass destruction that exist within the European Union. Despite detailed discussions and a meeting with representatives from each member state since the beginning of my term I have been unable to find a solution to the issue of nuclear weapons. That and the recent thirst for acquiring these weapons of mass destruction with a new and revitalised EU I suspect that there is little or no appetite for change.

    I hope that in the future this point of view does change.


  • A Statement by the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

    "People of Europe, it has been a pleasure to serve you in the position of Defence Commissioner over what has been almost 5 months. I am pleased to say that this period in our region has been one of the most peaceful for some time , which is why my office has been quieter than expected. It is with great disappointment that we end this commission term with only myself and the Premier still in office however I am pleased to see new powers given to the commission. The lack of commissioners has really hampered our region over the past months, and I have helped where I can in the office of foreign affairs.

    Over the past months I have worked with international governments to try and solve the issues which have been taking place in the region, which luckily have been few and far between. During the Poretision-Davishirian conflict and the Davishirian-Kalmarian conflicts late last year I worked hard behind the scenes and my negotiations played a key role in the ending of hostilities These issues which . Over the new year period I conducted a review of Europolis security, making European institutions safer and in February I re-opened long closed embassies with two other regions during my work in the foreign affairs office. Before Christmas I also bought nuclear armed states together for discussions regarding the reduction in regional stockpiles.

    I would like to thank the nations and people of the European Union for electing me to my position and to the Premier for appointing me to this office. It has been a privilege to serve and I am most grateful for the opportunity."

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