Council Reform

  • Council Reform: Any member of the European Union can submit their idea for reforming the Council.Your proposal should be in articled format (the same as Bills on the council) for the utility of proposing and voting amendments. And, if it gets through, to the Council where, if it passes with a super majority, it will go onto the constitution and be law.

    The timescale is as follows:

    18:35 PM GMT, 15.11.15: Reform Proposal Stage Opens.

    18:35 PM GMT, 15.12.15: Reform Proposal Stage Closes, Discussion & Amendments stage Opens.

    18:35 PM GMT, 15.01.16: Discussion & Amendments stage Closes, Amendments Voting Opens.

    18:35 PM GMT, 22.01.16: Amendments Voting Closes, Voting on the Proposals Opens.

    18:35 PM GMT, 29.01.16: Voting on the Proposals Closes. The reform is chosen and put into place via the Council to be voted on and debated further (if needed).

    If you don't submit and you want to, there won't be delays, waiting, or anything of the sort. If it is not in, it's not in, and you will have to deal with that.

    Pre-decided Voting Options:

    1. Status Quo.
    2. Scrap the Council System.

    - Dr. Eilidh Whiteford

  • "The submission period is now terminated. Now is the chance to discuss the two options, of either abandoning the council, or keeping the status quo." - Eilidh Whiteford.

  • For the Council to be abolished there would need to be a very strong and compelling argument in its favour for Framptonia to even consider voting in favour.

    Miss Stephanie Hughes - EU Councillor

  • "The discussion stage is now also terminated. Since there were 0 proposals, it skips straight to the voting. The two options are: Keep the Status Quo, or Disband the Council." - EW.

  • As the European Council is the key democratic body in our Union, I do vote to keep the Council.

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Australia votes to keep the European council

    Clive Palmer

    Councillor for The Commonwealth of Australia

  • Admin

    On behalf of the Microstate of Inquista, I vote FOR the status quo.

  • Admin

    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote to keep the Council.

  • Admin

    I, Gisela Stuart, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR the status quo.

  • Pacifist Cowards votes FOR the status quo.

  • The Federation of Fremet votes FOR maintaining the status quo.

  • Poretos votes to maintain the council in its cutr

  • The status quo is maintained.

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