Commission Reform

  • Commission Reform: Any member of the European Union can submit their idea for reforming the Commission.Your proposal should be in articled format (the same as Bills on the council) for the utility of proposing and voting amendments. And, if it gets through, to the Council where, if it passes with a super majority, it will go onto the constitution and be law.

    The timescale is as follows:

    18:45 PM GMT, 15.11.15: Reform Proposal Stage Opens.

    18:45 PM GMT, 15.12.15: Reform Proposal Stage Closes, Discussion & Amendments stage Opens.

    18:45 PM GMT, 15.01.16: Discussion & Amendments stage Closes, Amendments Voting Opens.

    18:45 PM GMT, 22.01.16: Amendments Voting Closes, Voting on the Proposals Opens.

    18:45 PM GMT, 29.01.16: Voting on the Proposals Closes. The reform is chosen and put into place via the Council to be voted on and debated further (if needed).

    If you don't submit and you want to, there won't be delays, waiting, or anything of the sort. If it is not in, it's not in, and you will have to deal with that.

    Pre-decided Voting Options:

    1. Status Quo.
    2. Scrap the Council System.

    - Dr. Eilidh Whiteford

  • "The submission period is now terminated. Now is the chance to discuss the two options, of either abandoning the Commission, or keeping the status quo." - Eilidh Whiteford.

  • Again, for me to vote in favour of abolition of the Commission I would require strong and compelling evidence that abolition would be for the better, and I have seen no evidence of such to date.

    Miss Stephanie - EU Councillor

  • Admin

    The commission for Miraco is simply a relic of our history, it is advisory in it's role since the council remains free to do what it wants anyways, it was difficult to study what reforms would be necessary to salvage the institute and so we must say that we lean towards abolition.

  • The peoples republic of keygraystan, would like to state it is against abolition of the commision

  • Admin

    Disregarding the Commission as an advisory body greatly undermines the powers and responsibilities it has. I imagine that a number of people would find themselves surprised by the numbers of abilities granted to our Commissioners under the Constitution. While Commissioners certainly play an important role in providing advice, they are ultimately responsible for running and overseeing the vast majority of our institutions. If we were to abolish the Commission, then a great majority of our organizations and offices would become leaderless, and many of our programs would cease to operate altogether. Furthermore, as neutral officials elected by our own states, Commissioners have a special type of legitimacy in bargaining and negotiating, which has sometimes, albeit not often, been useful in bringing resolution to conflicts and disputes. If they are not running our institutions or giving advice, they prove at the very least to be useful arbiters of the EU. While I understand that some are frustrated by Commission inactivity, or believe that they need even more powers to become effective, but abolishing it only seems to be a hilariously misguided step back, and not a step forward. I therefore have no intention in voting in favour of abolishing it.

  • Admin

    No institution enjoys a more historically tortured and antagonistic relationship with the Duxburian Union than the European Commission. I was here, over 8 years ago, for the ruinous Stipe riots. I was here for the taxation fights. I was here for the careless actions that forced us into war with Dromund Kaas. I was here for the interference that almost led to war with Pax Aurea of all places. Interactions with the Commission have led to some of the darkest days in modern Duxburian history. The Commission has consistently been the primary vector for outbreaks of virulent euro-skepticism and nativism, damaging a national psyche that strives to recover from millennia of war and hate. No Premier in 8 years has even attempted to understand this country, let alone dare step foot here. The Duxburian Union might as well be Mars.

    The Commission has achieved great things, and I have been here for those bright times as well. We would not even function as a region without the hard work of particular Econ and Internal Commissioners, and we wouldn't have the rich cultures and civilizations, or the defenses from outside invaders we have today, without steady hands at the helm of Foreign Affairs. Unfortunately, I know how the Duxburian people would respond to a popular vote, a landslide in favor of abolishing the Commission. It wouldn't even be remotely close. Nothing unites the Duxburian people quite like the chance to do away with an institution that is so widely resented and has caused them so much grief. I fear for the future if we don't have a dedicated executive branch to keep the region together and operational, but when hundreds of millions would rather choose anarchy, the current system is too broken to continue.

    Acwellan Devoy
    Councillor of the Duxburian Union

  • "The discussion stage is now also terminated. Since there were 0 proposals, it skips straight to the voting. The two options are: Keep the Status Quo, or Disband the Commission." - EW.

  • Admin

    On behalf of the Microstate of Inquista, I vote FOR the status quo.

  • Admin

    The United Kingdom votes for the status quo

  • The Empire of Inimicus votes in favour of retaining the Commission.

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Admin

    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote to disband the Commission.

  • I, Cllr Tournay, vote for DISBANDING the commission . Our reasoning is clear

  • The Commission has been inactive and hasn't accomplished much anymore other then the Premier. I vote on disbanding the Commission.

  • I vote for DISBANDING the Commission.

  • I, John Walters, on behalf of the Twelve Commonwealths, vote to disband the Commission in its current form.

  • "Nota Bene: The voting will end on Saturday the 23rd of January, 1 week after it started." - EW

  • Admin

    I, Gisela Stuart, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR the status quo.

  • Pacifist Cowards votes FOR keeping the status quo.

  • On behalf of His Majesites Government I vote for the status quo

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