Visit Britain: UK Promotional Videos, Statistics, and Information Requests

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    To celebrate the high volumes of tourists London and the rest of the United Kingdom see every year (40 million tourists visited the United Kingdom last year, with approximately 23 million of them visiting London), the British Tourism Board has put together two videos of the most visited location in the United Kingdom: London. The glittering, glamorous, historic capital of England is the national capital of the United Kingdom, holding nearly 21 million people in its Greater London region, and nearly 28 million in its metropolitan area.

    Here are some stats:

    1. The United Kingdom welcomes 50 million tourists annually or 5,707 tourists per hour. It is the most visited destination by tourists in the European Union.
    2. Tourists from around Europe spent nearly £40bn (€88.4bn) in 2014.
    3. London, Edinburgh, the Lake District, Dublin and the SW coast of England the most visited destinations.
    4. Highest volume of tourists have come from the Duxburian Union, Miraco, Angleter, Inquista, and Halsberg respectively.
    5. Tourists are allowed to stay for a maximum of one month in the United Kingdom on holiday. Proof of return flight may be requested by UK Border Force agents.
    6. Visa free travel for citizens of Angleter, Duxburian Union, Icholasen, Miraco, Inquista, Os Corelia, Pax Aurea, Albion-on-Sea, Grossdeutches Reich. All other travellers from other nations still need a visa application.
    7. Tourism visas have an application fee of £150, with an expedited service available for an additional £100.
    8. Average travel costs for a week holiday in the United Kingdom range from £600-1,700 per person.

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