Carnegie Nishoba, Ltd.

  • Formerly known as
    Carnegie Partnership Limited until 08 December 2001

    General information
    Founded: 07 February 1982
    Headquarters: Columbus, Hy Brasil
    Chairman/CEO: Miss Alex Carnegie
    Employees: 103,200
    Revenue: NS$7,600,000,000
    Profit: NS$2,660,000,000 or NS$6,650 per share
    Sector: Conglomerates
    Industries: Consumer discretionary and industrials
    Websites: carnegienishoba.ln

    Capital structure
    Debentures: N/A
    Long-term credit rating: N/A
    Short-term credit rating: N/A
    Preference shares outstanding: 0
    Ordinary shares outstanding: 520,000
    Total shares outstanding: 520,000

    Ownership structure
    520,000 ordinary shares (Employees)

    100% of ASR Transport Limited
    Line owned: Anglesey Southwestern Railroad
    100% of Drexler Limited
    Divisions: Drexler (non-performance automobiles, Motorcraft (automobile parts), Nishoba (travel trailers), and Pontiac (performance aoutmobiles)
    -100% of Drexler Credit Corporation Limited
    100% of Planet Express Limited
    Minority holdings
    15,000,000 ordinary shares (15%) of Groupe Eurotunnel SE

  • Holding Company Completes Acquisitions

    Avalon, Waterford, Charlton, Ayrshire, and York, Yorkshire HH:MM (Business Wire) — Today, Alex Carnegie, the Chairman and CEO of Carnegie Nishoba, Ltd., announced that Columbus-based company completed its acquisitions of Charlton-based Pontiac Motor Company plc (Pontiac) and York-based Planet Express plc at a joint presser with Mr. Gordon Lewis and Mr. Hillary Rodman, respectively the CEOs of Pontiac and Planet Express, in Avalon.

    When asked about the details of the Planet Express purchase, Miss Carnegie elaborated that it was an all-cash transaction of about LN£525 million, valuing the logistics concern at LN£14 a share. Mr. Rodman stated, “Miss Carnegie is the only person I know who allows the subsidiaries of her company to maintain current management upon takeover as evidenced by her company owning 50% plus one share of Planet Express for several years prior to this transaction,” upon questioning about the sale of the remainder of his company to Carnegie Nishoba..

    Miss Carnegie revealed that Carnegie Nishoba had issued one-half of one of its shares for each Pontiac share it didn’t already own at Pontiac’s proposed initial public offering price of LN£8.00 per share, valuing that portion of the company at LN£3.84 million, when asked about that transaction.

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