A Tale of Two Cities

  • A Tale of Two Cities, a Summit between Poretos and the United Kingdom

    The Foreign Affairs Office Building of Poretos, The Royal City of Eranseth

    "Councillor Sharman, Councillor Chandler and Councillor Hale are here now Elizabeth" stated a Secretary

    "Good, so that's Defence, Energy,Infrastructure and Transport, and Business" responded Elizabeth Teresa, Officer for the Foreign Affairs Office, "Where's Officer Beardwood?"

    "The Treasurer is running late Ma'am he couldn't get the train back from Hemsworth City in time"

    "One day he will be on time" - they both chuckled. "How long until their plane arrives?"

    "They should touch down any minute, apparently weather over the United Kingdom caused a bit of trouble and then the car journey will be about 10 minutes"

    "Remind me to ask them how their flight was, but I guess they should be used to their own weather by now" - remarked Officer Teresa.

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