A Request on behalf of Poretos

  • A letter from Councillor James has Tournay,

    "Dear Premier,

    Sorry I cannot be present however I was with my family for the night in Poretos and hence am stuck - thusly I am unable to attend Europolis to vote on the Council flaw. I hope you have been made aware of the recent military escalation of Davishire around Poretos, and my government feels they cannot turn to the Defense Commissioner as hr has not commented until now and is a citizen of Davishire who these actions have come from. My government has made provisions for all Poretosians abroad to gather in Europolis where safety and hotels have been arranged - however we need the aide of the commission. You must understand the struggle of Poretos as we clearly cannot oppose Davishire and they know this hence we must turn to diplomatic measures.

    Please help,

    Councillor James"

  • Though it is not our place to comment on behalf of the Premier, know that Pacifist Cowards is prepared to unilaterally use its navy and merchant marine to transport displaced or stranded Poretosians, or to offer them shelter within its borders if needs be. Also know that the Cowardly government is strongly opposed to Davishirian actions, and is committed to ending this blockade as soon as physically possible.

  • "I take your request very seriously. I have come to the decision that if Davishire does not release Poretos from this Blockade then Mr Asquith-Robinson will be moved from his post as Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner as clearly we need a Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner that works for peace. One more action from Davishire as well that is distasteful then Geoff is off." Premier Commissioner: Doctor Eilidh Whiteford.

  • Premier Commissioner,

    I dislike the tone you are taking towards me on this. I am not a member of the Davishrian Government and haven't been for some time and as a result I am not responsible for their actions nor am I able to order them around. I have been in talks with the Davishirian government this afternoon to try and find a solution. I am sure you will make the right decisions on this matter.





    I am saddened to hear that you feel unable to speak to me on this matter. I invite you to my office in Europolis so we can begin to talk about this issue with Davishire.

    All the best,

    Commissioner Asquith-Robinson

  • Madame Premier, I feel that this issue here is not about the behaviour of Geoffrey Asquith-Robinson, but about persuading the Davishirian Government to adopt generally accepted standards of behaviour. I do not think that the residents and Government of Poretos will be satisfied if the sanction against Davishire for this criminal act is simply the removal of Mr Asquith-Robinson from his post.

    Miss Lucy Rigby - Secretary of State for Foreign & International Affairs the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

  • "Miss Rigby, I'm not expecting Mr Asquith-Robinson to do anything, I'm expecting the government of Davishire to recognise the privilege of having a Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner on the Commission. It's a useful tool for them. Ergo there is an incentive to try and keep him on the Defence and Peacekeeping Commission." Premier Eilidh Whiteford.

  • Premier,

    I find that an incredibly unfair statement. I am not a member of the Davishirian Government. I am not a Member of Parliament. Jesus, I don't even have an official honours! Please stop comparing them and me as one thing!



  • "Geoffrey dearest,

    I did not say that you are in control of the Davishirian government, I said the Davishirian government knows how important you being on the Commission is, especially the particular post you occupy. And therefore has reason to change. Thank you, Eilidh."

  • Admin

    Dear Premier Whiteford,

    I am most concerned at your comments regarding Davishire and Commissioner Asquith-Robinson. I would like to remind you that, constitutionally, Commissioner Asquith-Robinson must represent the European Union as a whole and not his nation nor his government. The idea that Commissioner Asquith-Robinson's position is some kind of a bargaining chip held by Davishire's government, and thus the idea that the threat of his arbitrary removal is an incentive for the Davishirian government to switch course, is entirely unconstitutional. Angleter will not stand for this sort of politicking.

    Yours sincerely,
    Cllr. Peter Montfort.

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