The Davishirian Blockade of Poretos

  • Miss Stephanie Hughes rose to her feet to address the Chamber.

    Mr Speaker. I'm not really sure how matters have come to this state, but I must bring the matter of the Davishirian blockade of Poretos to the floor of this Chamber.

    The Government of Framptonia is appalled by the actions of Davishire in imposing a naval blockade and a no fly zone over Poretos.

    Poretos is a sovereign nation. The Government of Poretos has excluded Davishirian vessels from its waters and ports. Whether you consider this to be a sensible action is irrelevant. It is beyond question that it is entitled to take this action. The Government of Davishire's response to impose the no fly zone and naval blockade is tantamount to a declaration of war. A declaration of war over a decision of national sovereignty that Poretos was fully entitled to make.

    Davishire has assumed sovereignty over Poretos's airspace and national waters for no apparent reason. Regardless of Poretos's reaction, the other nations of Europe must stand up and speak out against his action. There are Framptonian tourists and students in Poretos who are effectively being held prisoner by the actions of Davishire. They are unable to leave Poretos and return home because Davishire does not like some of the decisions of the Poretos Government. There will be nationals of most states in a similar position.

    The Government of Davishire made great play that the EU Cannabis Act constituted an infringement of its sovereignty. Those claims ring hollow when one considers how swiftly and casually it infringes Poretos's sovereignty.

  • Pacifist Cowards cannot help but support the honourable Premier on this matter. This is literal gunboat diplomacy, of a type we hoped never to see in this great region. Davishire makes a mockery out of all of us, and we hurt ourselves by allowing such despicable actions to occur within our region. I would like this matter to be taken to the Commissioner for Defence, and would also urge any and all nations involved in trade with Davishire to impose immediate economic sanctions until this ridiculous situation is brought to a satisfactory close.

    With that said, Pacifist Cowards is announcing that its airspace and territorial waters are, with immediate effect, closed to traffic registered in Davishire, or who list Davishire as a port of call on their journey. All Cowardly exports to the state of Davishire are to be ceased, and the Duma and Trades Unions Council officially summon before them Davishire's ambassador for a full explanation of his country's actions. Embassy staff and supplies are to be exempt from this rule, as are diplomatic packages, in order to comply with international law and to hopefully increase the likelihood of a peaceful solution. That being said, Pacifist Cowards is preparing aid and medical supplies, in line with its duties to the European Disaster Relief scheme, and is also mobilising additional naval units to police the domestic embargo.

  • "Why do I have deja vu right now? Its almost as if we've had this same discussion over and over again. Oh wait, we have. Perhaps we should set aside a weekly Council session to discuss Davishire's latest military excursion. This is getting intolerable. Councillor Johnson, why does your government continually seek to stage military intervention after military intervention? Every time it happens we get some kind of vague, half-hearted answers on the individual case, but this has gone on for so long there must be an underlying reason. Simple expansionism? Paranoia? Penis envy? I imagine we'd all like to hear it."

    "I would say this was getting boring were it not for the lives that will be affected by this latest escapade. Thousands of travelling Poretisians have been stranded abroad, causing untold stress and misery to people who've done nothing wrong. This is a ridiculous overreaction on the part of Prime Minister Cam....I mean Manni....I mean Tuck.....I mean Osborne and his government. Davishire cannot carry on like this. Eventually, its going to annoy the wrong person and get into a fight it simply cannot win. And while I'll have unlimited sympathy for the citizens who have to live under this warmongering, immature government, the leadership of Davishire will get exactly what it deserves. I suspect there is no international will to stop the country from bombing, blockading and invading whenever it chooses now, but I urge Davishire to tread extremely carefully in the future, if not for its own sake then the sake of its citizens."

    Speaker John Walters

  • "The Inimician Imperial government fully agrees with the Speaker's tough and passionate words. I would like to thank the Framptonian councillor for bringing this subject to the Council floor, even though we have discussed Davishirian aggression multiple times in the past. This time is no exception. We as the European Council viewed the Groot-Belgie crisis in agony, the invasion of the Sahrawi Union and Davishire's action in this with even disgust, the blatant and unreasonable invasion of Prussia with greater discomfort, and now this blockade of Poretos. I have to say, Councillors, I'm quite lost for words - and no, not only because of the Speaker's most excellent words on the issue. His Imperial Majesty did work together with Davishire during the Inquistan liberation of the Sahrawi Union, during the Groot-Belgie conflict, and even sold aircraft to Davishire - although, as you will all know, Davishire refused to abide by His Grace's terms afterwards, distancing our two nations hugely. Now, after a joint naval action with Halsberg near Davishirian waters, our two countries seem further apart than ever. And indeed, Inimicus completely agrees with the Speaker on this issue: we have always kept our hand stretched for a Davishirian arm to grasp, but time and time again the Conservative government has spat on the limbs of the international community. On behalf of Emperor Artabanos, I would urge the Davishirian government to cease its hostile actions immediately. Although, as we have seen in the past, time and time again when this sort of thing happens, Davishire promises change, but never delivers."
    Ralph Jaevons, EU Councillor on behalf of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus

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