"Gott Mit Uns"

  • Several Teutonic refugees stood around kicking dirt in an alleyway, chatting with each other. They had made a long hazardous journey over land, first through the UK, and then over the border on foot to Davishire. They didn't know whether they would be accepted or not, or even if the government was aware of them. They watched a few other refugees hurry by them, loaded with backpacks full of food leftover from the journey. The men pushed their way through them and left the alley in a hurry. "Weird men, huh? Fucking rude, especially considering we have been through the same bullshit.."

    The men had been in country a few months, seeing what triggered Davishire and how it worked. A lucky break is oft to happen for those who wait, and this was no different. Protesting was occurring on Downing street, with a crowd of thousands. They sat among the crowd and listened for a while. It was finally time, the crowd was fairly heated up and not paying much attention. They acted like they were getting snacks, but they retrieved pipebombs and several machine pistols.

    They screamed " GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, GOTT MIT UNS! GOTT MIT UNS!" in unison and activated the bombs, throwing them wildly before opening fire.

    Back in the alley, the refugees heard the explosions and fire. "oh..shit..uh..think that was related to.uh...earlier? Lets get the hell out of here, now, before we get any blame." The sunset was a bright bloody red.

  • Within seconds of the explosions the crowd was running, out of fear. Running in all directions, not knowing where to go. The police lines surrounding the crowd held firm before breaking in an uncontrolled manner under the sheer weight of people. Gunshots continued coming, people everywhere were falling. Protestors, police officers and innocent people in buildings bullets ran out everywhere. Many police officers simply ran, others just fell on the floor, some pulled out their batons and began running towards the noise. People were screaming blood is everywhere

    Several armed officers were already on the scene, initially in place to protect the Prime Ministers residence they all moved forward, keeping behind cover. One shouted

    "ARMED POLICE! ARMED POLICE! PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN!" the resulting hail of bullets in his direction gave him an answer. He got on the radio, "This is Alpha 1 we have an active shooter in Whitehall, request immediate assistance" The three officers were pinned down, unable to move, unable to contain the situation.

    People running away, many had massed in Parliament Square, seperated from Whitehall by a line of police vans and police officers.Within a matter of minutes more and more armed police officers arrived and both the north and south of Whitehall.

    The shooting stopped, the gunfire ended, the armed officers looked over the cover they were using. The armed men had disappeared...

  • Within minutes of the area being declared safe dozens of ambulances and paramedics arrived on scene. Riot police held the protesters come victims in parliament square so contact details could be taken and injuries . The same was taking place in St James' square at the other end of Whitehall. Those officers not needed for the protest which was effectively over were bused to other areas of London to help out with dealing with the rioting taking place there.

    Whitehall was carnage, hundreds of dead people and those too injured to move were lying on the road, many screaming for help. Paramedics and police officers were helping as many as they could but there were simply too many people in need of help. Blood was everywhere, puddles of red lined the road. Paramedics fighting to save lives and help the wounded, sirens sounding, alarms going off, people crying others simply staring in shock.

    Meanwhile, two streets away armed police were in pursuit of a black car believed to contain the men responsible for what had just happened,

    "Tango victor 4 in pursuit of black Vauxhall, registration romeo foxtrot five two juliett whisky victor, armed suspects inside, requesting permission for hard stop"

    suddenly a man leaned out of the window, he was wearing a balaclava, pulled out a pistol and shot towards the two ARVs following behing

    "Tango victor 4, we are being fired upon, conducting hard stop"

    "This is Whisky 1, can confirm shots fired at police"

    The vehicles continued down the luckily deserted street, every now and again the man would continue to fire at them. After a few moments two armoured police vans appeared ahead of the armed men blocking their way out, unfortunately this happened outside a school which was having its parents evening. The terrorists stopped the car and ran towards the open school building,one of them stayed outside and fired at the police who took cover behind their car, the others ran inside the school

    "Tango victor 4, there are 4 armed men, entering the school on Churchill Avenue, wearing assault vests and carrying AK47 machine guns, request immediate armed support"

    As the terrorist reloaded his assault rifle the police opened fire on him, two bullets hit the man directly in the chest causing him to fall to the floor. By this point dozens of parents, teachers and children were running out of the school, with faces of panic mothers holding their children in their arms running out to try and reach safety. A few guns shots rang out from inside the building. They were pointed to run down the road by an officer who had moved forward when suddenly the flow stopped apart from one man who approached the police officer.

    "OFFICER, OFFICER! THEY'VE TAKEN THEM HOSTAGE! AT LEAST 30 PEOPLE! THEY ARE IN THE..." when suddenly a shot rang out, killing the man who was running towards them stone dead. He fell on the floor with a face stricken with pain. Bullets continued to come out of the building and the police officers jumped back behind their car

    "THIS IS TANGO VICTOR 4, we have a hostage situation on Churchill Avenue, assistance required"

  • "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN! DO IT NOW!" the terrorists pointed their guns at the hostages "DON'T FUCKING SPEAK OR YOU DIE! DO YOU GET ME?"

    The sound of sirens outside was increasing, it was clear that there was a substantial police presence. One of the terrorists remained at a window, firing off shots every now and then.

    "YESSSS! I GOT ONE!" "What do you mean you got one?" "A pig strayed from cover, he is a dead pig now" "Good one mate, keep it up! Right, Bravo, get these hostages into that corner, use this rope to bind their hands" Alpha was the leader of the group, Bravo the Second in command, Charlie was dead and Delta and Echo were just lowly soldiers.

    As Bravo moved towards the hostages, which consisted of about 20 children and 30 adults many screamed, out of fear, out of shock. BANG BANG BANG, he shot three shots into the roof "I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP! NOW BLOODY DO IT! OR I WILL KILL YOU! NOW GET UP , C'MON MOVE YOURSELVES GET INTO THAT CORNER"

    "Wait, Bravo mate, put them in the centre of the room. then put the C4 around them with a detonator over there" Bravo moved them all into the centre of the hall. There were tables and chairs lying all around the place, books lying on the floor, paper scattered everywhere.

    "Right, it is time to send them a message" . Alpha grabbed a young boy by the arms and dragged him to the door, he opened it and put the child in the door way, the kid was too scared to even move, he was sobbing, not really understanding what was going on "I want my m..." Behind them the boys mother was being held back "move again or I shoot you bitch!" the woman lept up, ran towards her child "Oscar run to the police" BANG! Delta shot the woman, she fell to the floor with a scream of pain before she stopped breathing "You fucking idiot! Now thats one less" "Don't shout at..." the argument ended as Charlie interjected "the brat, it's getting away"

    The little kid, despite being only about 6 was running as fast as he could, three armed police officers started walking very quickly towards him, they had a kevlar shield "RUN KID! RUN! MOVE SIDE to SIDE" suddenly Alpha re-appeared at the door and fired a burst towards the kid, he was only a few metres away from the police officers... the child fell, on the floor he lay motionless, he didn't move. The police officers fired a few shots back but the terrorist has hidden back inside just moments before. Seconds later he shouted out of the door


  • The officers just stared in shock, not knowing what to do. Angry that a young child and his mother was killed over a war in a faraway land that they had no say in. The officers that had gone ahead to try and rescue him recovered the body and bought it back to an ambulance crew who confirmed that the young boy was dead. Even the toughest person on duty would have been lying if they said they weren't angry and upset. Tears rolled down the cheeks of many a person on that street.

    The paramedics carried the body to the ambulance. A lone photographer takes a picture but is swiftly told to delete it. He does so, this is not a moment that will reach the national press. Not a moment that will reach even a local bloggers site. But it will forever be engraved into the minds of everyone there at that time.

    By this point nearly 50 armed police officers had arrived on the scene to try and contain the situation. A ring of steel formed around the school, with neighbouring houses evacuated and snipers placed in buildings. Inside the terrorists had covered any windows so could not be seen.

    After a while a superintendent arrived. Superintendent Burling was a middle aged man, quite short but very stocky. He was an expert in dealing with terrorism and hostage situations. He was not planning to negotiate with the terrorists. He knew that the terrorists wanted nothing more than to kill and he was prepared to use robust tactics to deal with the situation. He and his sergeant, Gallager was talking with the commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan-Howe.

    "So, Superintendent, how are we going to remedy this situation?" "Sir, I propose that we go in as part of a rapid fast attack, at around sunset. Go in with about 30 men, in a two pronged attack. We will use the snipers to provide some sudden fire. Aiming at the windows" " But that would cause some risk of civillian casualties" "Sir, if we do nothing those people will die, we need to do something, anything. I am suprised they haven't killed them all yet" "Ok, carry on." "well, we know that they are in the main school hall, so that will be our first port of call. A section shall enter through that door we all saw earlier whilst B section will create a diversion by rushing the main school entrance. C section will be responsible for entering via the second floor. Anyone found with a weapon faces death, those people believed to be hostages will be handcuffed searched and detained for health treatment and interviews" "Ok, superintendent I approve your plan" at this point Seargeant Gallager spoke up, "what about explosive booby traps sir, it is likely that traps may have been set" "That is a concern, but we must run the risk. They have been in there less than an hour and they are already killing. We have to do something soon."

    The sergeant was quite right. Inside the building the terrorists had been using the time to set elaborate traps. Small amounts of explosives around doorways to maim and injure anyone that went through it. Explosives had also been put in the areas around the hostages the walls were rigged to collapse if detonated. Although the police did not know it they would have a tough time in dealing with this situation avoiding the deaths of the civilians.

    By this point the terrorists knew that they would not be getting out of the situation alive. They were all armed, the building was rigged with explosives. At least as far as the terrorists were concerned nobody inside was getting out alive.

    Many of the hostages were women and young children. All frightened, all scared, all unknowing as to their fate. One of the children was 4 year old Milo. He was at parents evening with his mother, speaking to his teacher he had gotten excellent reports. His mother was with him. In her mid twenties she had had Milo at a young age. He didn't really understand what was going on, the possible consequences of what was going on around him. "Mummy, why are those people doing this do us? We have done nothing wrong." "Milo, these people are not just bad, they are evil. And darling, I don't know why they are. But just remember your mummy loves you lots and lots" She hugged him tightly, a tear streaming down her left cheek.

    Time passed, perhaps an hour, maybe two. Milo and his mum had lost all track of time. They were scared, lost and confused. Hoping everything was a dream that they would suddenly awaken from. But alas, no such luck. Outside it was silent. Darkness was beginning to fall, the sun was setting. Tempratures were dropping and the sky remained clear. Flood lights kept the area outside the school lit up like daylight. Noisy petrol generators kept them going. Little did the terrorists know this was part of the police plan to keep distract them.

    Outside the armed police units were in position. Outside the relevant entry points. Silent as mice, weapons at the ready.The main entrance to the school consisted of a wooden doors with large windows at either side. An explosive charge was ready to be detonated. Bravo section was ready to blow the windows on the second floor. Gaining entry from the roof. A section as ready to storm the hall. They all knew the risks to themselves but were prepared to accept them.

    All of the officers were in full ballistics protection kit. Kevlar body armour, helmet, gas mask. Each man carrying an assault rifle, 9mm pistol and three 9 bang stun grenades and a notepad. Ready to take on the world.

    On the radio Superintendent Burling was in control over the radio

    "Ok Alpha Bravo and Charlie in position, standby"

    The near silence was deafening, tension filled the air. Inside the hall the gunment were unaware of what was going on... the seconds ticked by. The clock in the control tent was going slow

    "Standby 15 seconds"

    The armed officers ensured that their safety catches were removed

    "5 seconds"

    The charges were placed over the windows

    "3, 2, 1 all units GO GO GO!

    BANG! The charges did their job on the windows, inside you could hear screams. Milo looked at his mum, straight in the eye "Mummy, I don't want to die"

    To be continued...

  • In the hall the main entry team coming through the door fired a 9 bang stun grenade. BANG BANG down went Bravo. Dead on the floor, or seriously injured nobody really knew. The situation was chaos. Smoke filled the room. The hostages still tied up sat on the floor in fear, screaming, the sounds of gunshots deafening them. Mothers hugged their children who were crying and screaming. At least the best they could manage with their hands bound.

    The shooting continued for a couple of seconds, before suddenly there was a massive flash of light, a shockwave and everything shook. Screams could be heard at the roof collapsed and bought down the second storey and the rest of the building with it. The gunfire stopped, there was very little left of the school except a heap of rubble.

    "help me! Help!" people, unknown people, were calling for help from within the rubble. Dozens of police officers, paramedics and fire crew all rushed over and began to look for survivors. Close to the top they found the body of a police officer, then another , then another. This was the second storey entry team.

    It took over a day for the entirety of the wreckage to be searched with every body being accounted for. Every person who had gone into that school had been killed except one. Alpha, the leader of the group was not accounted for. Primarily because he wasn't there, he had escaped to fight another day...

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