Kalmar- The Royal Council

  • In the name of the United Kingdom of Kalmar,

    Everything for Kalmar

    Welcome to the Royal Council we will speak on the behalf of his Majesty, Frederick I

  • Dear Fellow Neighbors,

    I must appolizgize for the intolerence of the citizens of Davishire. I wish I could intervene, but I only determine foreign affairs. While this was indeed a foreign affair, this was not my discussion under the Constitution of Kalmar. The Folketing means well and is trying to protect the rights of others. I also must make a personal apology to the people of Davishire, we may not like the disicions that your Government makes, but you and all others across this peace loving nation welcomes you here.

    I am hear to announce that this case that the Folketing made is closed and I am soon inviting the Great Britain and Davishire to discuss matters so this whole mess is sealed. It is in my belief that everything will be well for all nations. We are sending diplomats throughout Europe to stabilize the situation.

  • 10:07 Limpdon- "My thoughts have been with those who have been touched by terror and those who have lost their loved ones. As a father, grandfather, and husband, I could only imagine your pain. As the nation's King, I feel every and each one of you... *then silently cries and sniffles.

  • 18:44- Limpdom 25.11.15-

    (King Frederick addresses to the Kalmaran People.)

    Dear all,

    Now, almost all words have been spent. The past week- have been hard on us all. But that is when it is good to be together. I will repeat- My thoughts have been with those who have been touched by terror and those who have lost their loved ones. As a father, grandfather, and husband, I could only begin to imagine your pain. As the nation's King, I feel every and each one of you... After such traumatic experiences- it may take a ling time to build up again. During that period, it is important to remember- that grief can express itself in many ways, and that there must be room for them all. The feeling of guilt and anxiety,- rage and emptiness.

    We will continue grieving together,-but in this state of sorrow, I want to express my thanks. I want to thank all of you who were at the streets of Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen among other cities, and have decided what you have experienced will not be allowed to break you. I want to thank all the helpers within the police, fire departments, and health services, the Church and other religious communities, the military and civil defense, NGOs, and all of you, on your own stepped up following the urge to help. All of you clearly shown what compassion and courage truly means, when it really matters. Many saved lives of others, some putting their own lives on the line. Still, many are making a great effort in comforting others in their grief and support those in need.

    I also would like to thank the Prime Minister, the Government and the Ministries. The Prime Minister has, quite impressively managed to be an assuring anchor for the nation in an situation. At the same time, he and his administration have managed to keep the wheels in motion under particularly challenging conditions. Local authorities have assisted in an impressive way and the political parties have shown great solidarity between themselves, with the people and those directly affected. It has come clear to me , that everyone have done whatever they could to help and support. In this past time, we followed 177 persons to their graves. We have all been given the opportunity to get to know each of the deceased a little through media and memorial services.

    We have lost 177 persons who wanted to use their lives for the best of society they were part of. We will honor their memory by working towards the values that were important to them. Today, I want to repeat what I said on the day of the tragedy: I stand by my faith that freedom is stronger than fear. I stand by my faith in an open Kalmaran democracy and society. And I stand by my faith in our chances of a free and safe life in our own country. The tragedy reminded us of the basics that bind us all together in our multi-cultural and diverse society. Let us preserve that acknowledgement. Let us take care of each other. Let us, as individuals, clearly state what we stand for, and use our possibilities to influence our society in a positive way.

    The times ahead will continue to demand a lot of us all. For those of you who are directly affected it will be particularly difficult when the grief on a national level gradually decreases. When the strong union we have felt during this period no longer is as noticeable as before. That is when fellow humans are needed who see those who are in grief and struggle with their lives. Someone who can stay with them when the lights of attention fade. When the everyday life needs to be lived. As a nation, we will bring this time with us in our hearts, as a part of our experiences, and remember that we have been awakened to a new awareness about what really matters to us.

  • 20:32- Copenhagen 11.12.15

    The King walks on the podium.

    "Before I would like the month long festivities to begin on The city hall square, I would like to address the shock of what this country heard of yesterday. I have heard many stories within the last 3 weeks, but none other than one of our people coming into Framptonia seeking refuge, getting shelter, food, and water from one of our few friends in this dark time. It almost make me cry to see 150 lives of which those people supported him into the country. It is a disgrace to our nation especially since we have never had to live in a world of unrest for 50 years. I ask the Framptonian government to do what they may with this traitor to our country. But as I may seem angry, I would advise to keep him locked up, but in good care. Similarly in Kalmar, we don't have prisons the way many countries view it, rather rehabilitation centers. We shall mourn as we should have done before starting now for 10 minutes..."

  • 23:45 Copenhagen(Kjemperskold Square) 31.12.15

    His Majesty, Frederick I of the United Kingdom of Kalmar makes his last public statement for 2015

    Dear all,

    In 2015, was a year of Turmoil for the world. Event after event took place and families and persons' lives demolished under the heavy hands of greed, and gluttony. I as the nation's King have the obligation to address the state of our nation in 2015. 2015 was the most frightening year since 1940. We have seen and Dictator fall the way that none of us would have imagined nor desired. Havoc and instability remains in the North, but that is when it is good to be together. It has come to my belief that all of you have done the most productive job you could have ever surprised us. The duty of our society was fulfilled ever more than we have concepted. The blood and sweat that this country has endured within the last 300 years has been remarkable especially this year. However, with the great feats and coping we was done within this year, it almost dispresses me to see that a collection and coalition of nation having such tension. We as a nation and a power have the responsibility the cooperate with the other powers withing the European Union.

    A new era has arose, and it was born out of the atrocities that happened with this merely collection of 12 months. This Era I envision will promote Unity, Justice, Freedom and Democracy. Within the hardships we have traveled through, we have reached our national consciousness. Our enemy is not those who have differences than us, it is the tyranny. Our enemy is not Davishire, or the United Kingdom, it was Lord Vele. Our enemy is not the people who were merely trying to protect their stability in the Teutonic States, it is the corruption that thrives off of conflict. Together, the power of the people will prevail and we can accomplish anything. Which brings me to how we will bring this Era of consciousness to our country.

    2016 is the year that we must bring our European brothers and sisters together. For far too long we have been bickering over what was the principles of right and wrong. A Nation itself should not be an enemy, it should be the greed of the Noblemen that buy the system for their own welfare. It should be the people who set a divide in between us. As we combat that, we will put aside our differences and find what we have in common and perhaps we can do something radical- Make Friendships with our brothers and sisters. As we rise forth within the international community, we should never forget all of the events of what happened in 2015. We shall move on and learn and craft from our mistakes as others will do. History has been written, and now is the most crucial hour that we use this knowlage to make progress and to make this world a better place.

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