Trudeau revisits the UK

  • It was early in the morning when Justins' boat docked in Dover. He enjoyed the white cliffs during sunrise, and waited on the docks for British officials to meet him, sipping on a steaming tankard of coffee. He hadn't yet planned his activities, but he knew he wanted to look and see how things ran, in hopes of taking new ideas home.

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    20 November 2015

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    Foreign Secretary William Hague came to the dock that Mr. Trudeau landed on. The Yorkshire man wondered why the persons from Albion-on-Sea would come in by sea in such a cold time of the year in the Atlantic by boat. He shrugged it off and shook his hand. He smelled a faint aroma of marijuana. Mr. Hague, despite being from the Labour supporting Yorkshire area, was very uptight and hadn't quite gotten on the reefer train as it were.

    "Mr. Trudeau, it's a pleasure. Welcome to Bristol. I hadn't quite expected you to arrive by boat so when our staff brought me here, I was a little concerned. Come with us through Bristol!

    "Bristol is a shining port here on the sea, the fourth largest port in the United Kingdom after Felixstowe, Thurrock-Port of London area, and Southampton. It is our primary shipping port for the Northern countries, so most of our exports to Icholasen, Poretos, Stonekrog, Miraco, and of course Albion-on-Sea. Is there anything you'd like to see in Bristol?"

  • "Ah, yeah, I don't care for flight much. Many of my best years were spent on boats as well, so I prefer them over flight. The UK has some seaports that shouldn't be missed as well, like this stunning shore. Anyways, maybe you should visit Albion by boat someday? I promise it would be worth the experience. As for Bristol, I'd like to take a tour around, and learn about the economy of the area. I've been stewing on an idea to plan an entirely new seaside town. I have a population shift from a few rural inland areas to the coasts thanks to the increased trade jobs, which of course came from our recent increase in trade and tourism. Planning city is pretty daunting ya know.." With that he took a sip of his coffee and scanned the area, rubbernecking when he saw an attractive businesswoman walking to work.

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