Declaration of Neutrality

  • Edward Schwartz and Melina Sheiffer Announcement:

    The Republic of Turmanistan has significantly grown in terms of population, economy and especially the military. It has been decided by the leadership of Turmanistan and the legislative body to enact a Declaration of Neutrality. The following is a brief copy of the legislation which is still under review:

    Declaration of Neutrality

    • Turmanistan is henceforth a NEUTRAL STATE of the European Union - defined as a state which will not take part in ANY conflict EXCEPT in circumstances of its OWN DEFENSE.
    • Turmanistan is DEDICATED to humanitarian missions, thus Turmanistan has dedicated a branch of its military to HUMANITARIAN AID AND RESCUE. This military branch is called GLOBAL AID made of 30 Globemaster aircraft and 400 personnel (mainly aviation, medical, engineering and defense contractor paramilitary).
        • Humanitarian mission: food distribution, medical distribution, refugee transport, wounded civilian transport, government official transport - ONLY IN MASS HUMANITARIAN CRISIS
    • Turmanistan is developing several INTERNATIONAL ZONES in its cities - INTERNATIONAL ZONES are buildings, sectors of the city dedicated to international conferences, peace events and diplomatic meetings. INTERNATIONAL ZONES are free to be reserved by ANY EUROPEAN UNION member state. INTERNATIONAL ZONES will be OUT of Turmanistan legal jurisdiction and will be under the EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE LAWS. The following is a complete list of INTERNATIONAL ZONES:
      • Xenthos
        • The Hanover Hotel (101 Capital Drive, Xenthos, Turmanistan)
        • Xenthos Cultural Center Floor 3-5 (103 Capital Drive, Xenthos, Turmanistan)
        • Union Center Resorts (3 buildings) (55 Trunk Road, Xenthos, Turmanistan)
      • Neumans
        • Mountain Chill INC Ski Resort
      • Grimle
        • Yukuv Restaurant and Hotel
        • Weimbsteim Hotel
      • Zahran: Interfaith Center (45 Dobran Drive, Zahran, Turmanistan)

    The leadership of Turmanistan hopes this declaration will improve Turmanistan's standing in the international stage and make Turmanistan a land of peace, prosperity and dilogue.

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