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  • President Koch to UK and DU: Pick on someone your own size!

    On this Saturday, Koch has come out with his opinion and support against the bullying of Framtonia by United Kingdom and Duxburian Union, calling them their actions digusting and a attack on their sovereignty.

    We asked him: "Framtonia has recently lowered their intrest rates, witch UK and DU has answer with raising their tariffs against Framtonia. What do you make of this?"

    "it's disgusting. it's absolutely disgusting to think that they have the guts to passively attack Framtonia like this. Framtonia clearly needed a little more income and decided increasing their lowering rates was the right thing to do, and in comes the contol freaks and screws it up. The economic power of both UK and DU is at least 50 times greater than Framtonia, and they decide that miniscule scar it left in their economy needed surgury. this is honestly an abuse of power, a cheap excuse to make more money. you'd think they we're monopolies and not nations.

    as you probably have guessed by now, i stand with Framtonia on this matter and i will support their economic freedom and sovereignty till my last breath."

  • UK is FURIOUS and raises tariffs!

    Yesterday our President spoke about the actions UK and DU had taken against Framtonia. As you may know by now, Framtonia lowered their interest rates witch the UK and DU answered with raising tariffs against Framtonia. The UK has now returned the tariffs against Framtonia, likely due to the voice of other nations, but has raised tariffs against our country. The tariffs has been raised to the same amount as against Framtonia. We've asked the President to educate us further about the situation, but he has not answered us, or any other media outlets, not even his spokesperson want's to be interviewed.

    The only thing we can make out of this outrageous situation is: The United Kingdom does not take criticism very well. This is not only a cowardly way of handling this situation, but it's corrupt and it's a direct attack against our Presidents' freedom of speech. It's horrifying to think that one of the most powerful nations on this planet can suppress another nations like this, just because the leader spoke out about the stupidity of the UK.

    Whatever the reasoning for President Koch's absence, we the people, will not tolerate this insane behavior

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