Declaration of Sanctioning

  • The Folketing is underway of drafting an official declaration. Until then, all Davishirian tourist will be deported from the nation within 48 hours and all traffic between the 2 nation will shut down beginning 5:00 22. November, 2015.

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    This is an utterly appalling declaration. How about this: This will be the first warning for the government of Kalmar to reverse its deceleration. Should the government of Kalmar refuse to do so, then on a 2nd time, it will find itself brought to the European Court of Justice.

    Archbishop Paul Craticus

  • I agree with the Archbishop. This is just..well..utterly shit. What gives you the right to fire at any civilian, period? Maybe you and the terrorists that hit Davishire would get along, eh?

    Justin Trudeau

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    For Goodness sake, at least pretend to have normal demands. This is absolutely ludicrous, asinine, disgusting, outrageous, and against everything Europe should stand for. Kalmar does have special and unique making stupid decisions. What a ridiculous statement to make in Europe, and I hope it is immediately withdrawn

    Prime Minister Hugh Robertson

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    The Apostolic Crown of Angleter wholeheartedly condemns this vile, genocidal, and arbitrary scheme, and urges the government of Kalmar to reconsider. There is no place in the European Union for this sort of tyranny. Furthermore, in light of these circumstances, the Foreign Affairs Ministry now strongly advises Angleteric citizens against any and all travel to Kalmar, on the grounds that the safety of foreign citizens in Kalmar cannot be guaranteed, and has secured arrangements with AngletAIR to put on extra flights from Kalmar to New Birmingham, in order that those Angleteric citizens in Kalmar who so wish may return home as quickly as possible.

  • The Folketing understands your concerns. However, we have sent two letters of warnings to Davishire and refused to respond. They dare theaten the life of a peaceful nation? Surely ladies and gentelmen this is of no suprise. Especialy since they had casus belli to do so. If you insist on another alternitive suggest it. But let us be clear: We don't want war but Davishire will be punished until they at least lift the blockade on Paretos. Also, let me be clear that we did not want to do this, but we are standing up for our fellow neighbors

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    The blockade on Poretos had already been lifted before you made this declaration. Or do you not have anyone who can look up basic information?

    The Rt. Hon. Hugh Robertson

  • The statement will be revised later. For now the Davishire citizens may roam the country freely. And please people, save your breath for words of contructivness not grusome mudslinging....(not talking to you UK)

  • His Imperial Majesty understands the concerns of Kalmar's government, but sees the - continuously changed - statements as an immensely counterproductive way of dealing in international diplomacy. He would urge Kalmar's executive to suspend any action against Davishirian citizens, whose human rights would be actively restricted under the announced measures (whatever they are at this point...) We have all imposed sanctions at some point, but never by threatening the lives of individual innocents. His Imperial Majesty calls upon Kalmar to regain its sanity and end the sanctions its government has announced, or He will join with Inquista and other European member states to drag Kalmar in front of the European Court of Justice, and present Kalmar with sanctions of His Own.

    Imperial Palace communique

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    ((OOC: @Kalmar It appears that you substantially edited the OP. Please, please do not do this and, if at all possible, please restore the original wording of the post. The edit function remains on the in-character forums for minor adjustments, such as spelling and grammar, and perhaps (before anybody else has posted in response) adding a few words that don't warrant a new post in themselves. It should be common sense, however, that you can't retcon recorded history, especially when a number of other players have responded with direct reference to the parts you're editing out. The first replies, from Inquista, Albion on Sea, UK, and Angleter now don't make the slightest bit of sense because the OP's been changed. Ultimately, if people can't be responsible with the edit function, then there will be no edit function at all.))

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    OOC: The rest of it originally read: Any Davishirian citizen on in the nation will be warned once and the 2nd time, shot on sight. Any military response and movement directed at us will result in a declaration of war.

  • OOC- Perhaps if Kalmar doesn't change the wording, an admin would?

  • I know not of this. So it seems thay you fellow neighbors have not yet read the legitslation that the Folketing passed last night. They understood that it was wrong and imorral to bring Davishire's citizens into this and the decoaration only lasted for such a few hours, that it had essentialy no effect. Our hopes is we can end this issue as soon as possible.

  • OOC- That does not excuse you deleting parts of the post! I am in a right mind to bloody bomb the crap out of Kalmar and invade... change the text or Davishire WILL do just that (Invade. #TheNewDavishire

    ((Apologies for the rant everyone, Kalmar replied before I could delete it so I have restored it for our sake))

  • So is this is threat? I shall not be bullied like Paretos was. What makes you think that would be sane for you just do that because of Sanctioning

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    If you think sanctions are threats to shoot civilians, then I am scared of what your definition of war is, Kalmar. That is not a sanction. A sanction would be the cessation of trade, barring from international organisations, etc.))

  • Shoot civilians clearly is not sanctions and do you think we were actually going to shoot people? You people are merely trying to attack me so you look sane yourselves-when you arent

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    @Duxburian-Union said:

    OOC: The rest of it originally read: Any Davishirian citizen on in the nation will be warned once and the 2nd time, shot on sight. Any military response and movement directed at us will result in a declaration of war.

    This, being the original text of your post @Kalmar is why I get the impression that you would be shooting people. Don't try and revise history. I've already read the original when you posted it.

  • OOC- I am taking it that the pre-edited one is the original. Davishire will respond accordingly I am sure

  • This topic i am closing. If you have any concerns talk to the Prime Minister's office

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