Kalmar- The Office of the Prime Minster

  • In the name of the United Kingdom of Kalmar,

    Everything for Kalmar.

    Welcome to the office of the Prime Minster

    We speak on behalf of the Prime Minster, Løkke Rasmussen.

  • Today, the Kalmaran government realeased the official death and injured count of the strikes that happened a week ago.


    Dead: 54

    Injured: 106

    Missing: 3


    Dead: 39

    Injured: 89

    Missing: 0


    Dead: 102

    Injured: 237

    Missing: 6

    Dead: 23

    Injured: 42

    Missing: 0


    Dead: 34

    Injured: 59

    Missing: 0

    Total Dead: 252

    Total Injured: 444

    Total Missing: 9

    November 24th shall be a day that all of us will not forget in a long time. With the country only dealing with Nazi rallies, this is a shock for the country. All of our kin will be buried in Kalmar Citadel in southern Sweden.

    We also found 2 Framptonian citizens missing, and 4 Stoneic citizens dead. Their remains will be sent to their native governments.

  • 21:45- Copenhagen 16.12.15

    (The Prime Minister Clarifies the Convention of Stockholm and addresses the diplomatic status of Kalmar)

    Good Evening,

    Recently, Kalmar needed to establish its boundaries with intervention with everything in general. As a result we needed organize the ministries statements and put this into a convention than would promote, notably peace in Kalmar. Often, lately some of our not finest neighbors have denounced this convention, assuming that this convention was to cause intervention in foreign affairs. But tonight, I want to officially state that this is far from the case. While we do admit the sanctions was a administrative disaster on our part, the convention is meant to promote peace and stability in the Scandinavian region. So ladies and gentlemen I am growing weary of these critiques and name-calling. Once and for all, I will go over the reasoning and what exactly is supposed to say of each passage:

    I- The convention of Stockholm will be the criteria and guideline for future foreign crisis and incidents until the next election of the Prime Minister of Kalmar, in 2019. In which the next prime Minister may choose to extend this convention

    So this can be misleading as I see it. This passage basically says this will be the convention that we as a nation will follow until we are stability is far from slipping out of reach. If stability fails to retain, then the next Prime Minister would renew it.

    II- The United Kingdom of Kalmar hereby condemns any form of foreign military action occurring within the Scandinavian Region. The following plots will be considered the Scandinavian Region in respect the United Kingdom of Kalmar: 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. If military action were to occur under the exception for its own defense or sovereignty, then this passage will apply.

    This passage was perhaps one of the most complex and misunderstood passage in this whole convention. This passage was meant to state what exactly what we were referring to when we said countless times "Scandinavian Region". We also express disapproval of "any" (not just Davishirian) military presence or activity in the region. This part of the passage was meant to define the exception of Neutrality in future passages. Why? That would mean that are basically next door to us, which we should share some form of concern

    These are only a couple of passages but ill be happy to state what the actual meaning for each of them such say which one of them you have concerns over.

    Without further ado, if we want to make progress, I wish to find common ground with all of you:

    Kalmar's point of view in diplomacy is a rather peaceful one. We resent conflict and violence. But the Kalmaran people just want to trade and co-exist with its neighbors peacefully. But sometimes we have to establish our boundaries.

  • I am proud to announce that the works of Framptonia have done in the the previous months(SITH not from Star Wars) has been officialy endorsed by the Folketing.

  • Kalmaran Parliament Member, Leif Rensen protests unjust international treatment to Kalmar

    To the international community, The Folketing, and the people of Europe

    Thank you for recognizing me through the Folketing Mr. Speaker,

    It is time for Kalmar to face the truth that we are in a state a diplomatic crisis. After two days before I am speaking, some nation branded us as a terrorist state and that is not acceptable. For the last month, Kalmar has been in perhaps the worst position out of its fellow neighbors. Worst yet, a worrisome amount of nations have waged Diplomatic Warfare and our country without even acknowledging it. In our darkest hour in the modern history of Kalmar, the last thing we need is to be effectively shunned and isolated from the international community. Furthermore, the European Council has done "nothing" about the action of Davishire destroying infrastructure and killing roughly 500 people. This is outrageous, unacceptable and this is not what the European Union is about. Yet Davishire is in a rather comfortable position and they are getting an exponential amount of business from other countries. Mr. Speaker, the question is not if Kalmar within the past month has made some errors to end up in this position, but the question is really if we are in the just and rightful position among our brothers and sisters, the question is if Kalmar is a nation that would seriously take aggression against any nation?

    For far too long I fear, Davishire among other European nations have been living in a fairy tale or which there is a protagonist, the noble hero suited in white Armour, and the antagonist in which is a dreadful witch on a broomstick waging havoc across lands. This is not how the world works, and this is not an example of political and international maturity. This outrageous behavior that nations would demonize us after suffering is not the ethical thing to do , and above all it is not the best thing to do for the European Union. This fairy tale of good versus evil has got to end today. I supported, Mr. Speaker the withdrawal from the EU due to the ongoing behavior, and if the Kalmaran people trust that the European Union is to bring Kalmar prosperity, than we have been fooled for far too long and we are left two options 1) We figure out how to appeal to the European Union and if necessary address this to the council, or 2) We leave the European Union. It is as simple as that Mister Speaker. Kalmar cannot live in this state any longer.

  • ((OOC Does this remind you of someone? Just read the letter in his voice it is sort of humorous as a Sander supporter))

  • Due to unexspeced and enxtreme events, Kalmar will hasten its process the leave the European Union. We are exspecting an official declaration this weak. A representive of Kalmar will remain in the EU to keep comunications with the EU for trading purposes and agreement purposes. Kalmar exspects that everyone will respect the consutitutional right we have to leave. We also have determined that this will not he perminent but will be until criteria for certain aspects are met for the saftey of Kalmar and other member states.

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