Davishire- Statements by the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary

  • Statement by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

    I have been asked by the Prime Minister to make this brief statement.

    There is an ongoing anti terrorist operation currently going on in London. Hostages have been taken but the surrounding area has been secured. The explosive attacks on the protest yesterday has been confirmed to have killed 245 people, with an additional 789 people injured, many critically. These numbers are not final and are set to change. The government is doing all it can to deal with the situation effectively.

    We are aware of a threat issued by the nation of Kalmar, directly to the lives of Davishirian citizens. We are also aware that this statement has now been officially changed ((OOC- What an idiot, don't edit your posts to make you look better)). Regardless this nation shall work off the original statement. In response to this, I can confirm that Davishirian citizens are being advised to avoid all travel to the nation of Kalmar. Once all Davishirian citizens currently in Kalmar (estimated numbers of about 3000 people) are returned to Davishire flights between the two nations will stop. I can also confirm that all other forms of transport and trade between the two nations will cease. I can also confirm that all diplomatic links between Davishire and Kalmar have ceased, not that they exist in any great depth.

    In the past, in fact just last week this sort of statement would have received a military response. The Government of Davishire advises Kalmar to get a grip and grow up. My government has also provided a twitter hastag for this incident #newDavishire.


  • A Statement by the Foreign Secretary

    It has been reported by foreign media that a number of Davishirian citizens have been arrested in the nation of Aalen. The Foriegn and Commonwealth has not been formally advised of who has been arrested and what offences they are accused of. We are currently making enquiries into the situation and will provide consular assistance where necessary.

  • Statement by the Foreign Secretary

    Early this morning the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was advised formally that seven Davishirian Citizens have been detained in Aalen.

    They are the following people,

    James Cameron
    John Berox
    Samantha Thatcher
    Theresa April
    Betty Cameron
    Nicola Salmon
    Samuel Osbourne

    They have been charged with the offence of Desecration of a Holy Shrine. This carries a range of offences however it has been reported that the Proesecution are seeking a religious rehabilitation sentence. Research has advised this involves a visit to a monastry, a journey which has a high death rate, where they undertake a 20 year conversion course.

    The Government of Aalen has stated that this is not in retaliation for the Aalenic citizen that was arrested yesterday for possession of a firearm. This government believes that such a claim is false and that the Aalenic government is conducting actions and threatening harsh sentences in retaliation for the arrest of the Aalenic man currently in police custody.

    The case is yet to go to trial therefore the government shall not comment further. We are providing consular assistance to those involved and to the next of kin and other family members here in Davishire.


  • A Statement Issued by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

    Kalmarian Secession

    The Government of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks have recently been informed that the nation of Kalmar does intend to leave the European Union. Despite our nations past differences the Government of the United Kingdom of Davishire would like to pass on its best wishes to the Government of Kalmar as they head off on this new adventure.

    I can also confirm that any Kalmaarian Citizens will be permitted to remain with in the United Kingdom of Davishire under current Davishirian EU Immigration Laws for the 6 months following secession until non-eu migrant status is assumed.

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