Northern Negotiations

  • I hereby invite the following countries to negotiations concerning the future of the Scandinavian Region, and Davishire. The Internal Commissioner recommended these negotiations to me, and I think they are a great idea. The countries are: Stonekrog, the Teutonic States, the United Kingdom, Kalmar, and Davishire. On their own requests, the Defense and Peacekeeping Commissioner and the Internal Affairs Commissioner both declined to run it, as despite them not being a representative of the government (and I do take back fully my uncalled for remarks about Geoffrey Asquith-Robinson), they believe it would be viewed as conflict of interest from other nations. So, I invite these nations to start negotiations, led by me, Eilidh Whiteford, on the 24th of November 2015, to come to a solution for the future to these conflicts and issues in Scandinavia and Davishire. I am truly ambitious that we can solve these problems.

    - Eilidh Whiteford, Premier Commissioner

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