Kalmarian-Stoneic Millitary Coalition (dismantled)

  • 2015, November, 23, 4:45 AM, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

    Fellow Europeans, President Koch is pleased to announce that The United Kingdom of Kalmar and The Free Land of Stonekrog has founded a coalition, to strengthen our common interest, and to defend our land and people against evil.

    Our military's will be co-operating in several ways, that includes:

    -Allowing military units to freely move inside the partners borders and waters.

    -Allowing to station units inside each others borders if need be.

    -Conducting military exercises together.

    -Commanding each others troops if a war happens to break out, and if need be.

    -If one is attacked by a hostile force, the partner is forced to join the war effort, even when it might seem suicidal.

    Thank you for your time.

    Gud bevare Kalmar,

    Gud bevare Stenkro.

  • Admin

    ((OOC: Does this mean that soldiers from Kalmar can move into Stonekrog and shoot Davishirian tourists on sight there too? 😜 JK!))

  • ((ooc- it would be unwise for Stonekrog to get involved in the wrong side of a conflict with Davishire. Considering your location I can bring significant weight to bear incredibly quickly.))

  • ((OOC: ))

  • This is a defensive pact not abused for military ambitions. The Kalmaran government Inquista is not shooting anybody I thought we made that clear.

  • Admin

    ((OOC: @Kalmar, if you're responding out-of-character, could you put your comments in double brackets and start them with "OOC," like Halsberg, Davishire, and Inquista are doing? It helps make things clearer. If you're responding in-character, then you shouldn't be, since Inquista was posting out-of-character.))

  • ((OCC:OK understood))

  • "I hereby, on 2015 11th month and 29th day, dismantle the Kalmarian-Stoneic Military Coalition, since Kalmar and Stonekrog does no longer see a need for military co-operation against an evil."

    President Koch of Stonekrog

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