Those who which not be in the chains of the stonger

  • Brothers and Sisters of the European Union, the tyrannic United Kingdom of Davishire has threatened our sovereignty. We have tried everything in our power to cooperate with the two governments, but they are mobilizing on our homeland. We understand that action of our aren't appreciated amoung the European Union and the Folketing does in deep regrets apologize to the Davishirian people for their deeds. Yet the two governments use the last resort, military to solve this problem. I cry for help among brother and sisters of the European Union against these "peacekeepers" and liars. We must do something to stop this outrageous and disgusting act at once. (Especially since the Davishire alone outnumbers Stonekrog and Kalmar 10 to 1 army wise)

  • The Davishirian councillor sighed, stood in the chamber,

    "so be it"

    and walked out shaking his head.

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