Formal Declaration of War Against Kalmar

  • It is with regret that I must issue this announcement. I had really hoped to avoid this situation. Over the past days a situation has arisen between Davishire, the United Kingdom and Kalmar over an issue of human rights. Kalmar threatened to kill Davishrian citizens in response to a legitimate military action taken by the Davishirian Government in the Teutonic States.
    The following situation did not improve and has only gotten worse. It is now evident that a diplomatic solution to the ever deteriorating relationship is now impossible despite the best wishes of myself, the UK Prime Minister and the Premier Commissioner.

    However, when Davishirians are at risk this government has never and will never avoid doing what is necessary to stop the threat. This case is no different.

    After discussions with Britain I can confirm, with deep regret, that as of 21:00GMT today, the United Kingdom of Davishire of Bucks is in a state of war with the Kingdom of Kalmar.Any action against Davishire by another nation shall also be seen as a declaration of war.

  • The Free Land of Stonekrog is joining The United Kingdom of Kalmar to protect our land, and hereby declaring war on Davishire.

  • Very well, please consider it that Davishire is at war with Stonekrog also.

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