Into the Whirlwind

  • In the name of the People of Kalmar, it is deep regret that we are in a state of war. We have tried to reason with Davishire but with too distant interests, we have failed working something out. We do not want people to get hurt, therefore we either will have to evacuate the people to neutral Framptonia or surrender. The Folketing will have 10 mins to decide on the next course of action.

  • The ballots are in: We will sign a declaration of Surrender. Under the condition they we will remain a sovereign nation. We will not drag Stonekrog into this. But If this declaration is rejected we will activate our alliance with Sronekrog and any other nations that wil;l in any form help our cause

  • The government of Davishire does not accept the surrender at this time

  • All the population of Kalmar including the Government, will be evacuated. We ask nations to temporally house the people of Kalmar in this war. All reserves and personnel will be deployed. We currently have 150 ships docked. We will take defensive ground and fight. So be it if this is the desire of Davishire

  • (Classified)Furthermore, all forces will meet with Stonekrog forces. They will build massive fortifications throughout Norway. If we have any chance of making this war, we must change our capital to Oslo and have all military fight in the thick forests of Sweden and the high mountains of Norway. Luckily snow is on the mountain at this time.

  • You wish to remove all of your population? That's absolutely mad!

  • What else are we suppose to do? They will kill us all!

  • "Government of Davishire, we all know this attack will be more a masacre than a war, please accept their surrender at least as a temporary ceasefire and attend a neutral summit. Please for the sake of sanity" - A personal message from Lady President Alexandra Mountdora

  • We have tried working out a surrender but they want to annex both Stonekrog and Kalmar which is not possible to accept

  • @Davishire So what are you going to do? Kill them all. You wish to stop what you perceived as a dictator, but I think it is your nation and its leaders who are the tyrants. Kalmar surrendered, they are beaten. What you are gdoing right no seems to be nothing more than genocide.

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