Davishire Strikes... Again

  • About an hour before the Davishirian declaration of war 10 submarines headed out to sea from the Isle of Bucks. Secret preparations had taken some hours beforehand. A series of targets were given to each sub and the locations primed into the computer systems. The subs moved to within 5 miles of Bucks, a Davishirian naval base. They had been preparing for this mission for some days, although they had expected the target to be the Teutonic State rather than Kalmar.

    HMS Astute was a submarine carrying a deadly payload. 20 cruise missiles with significant explosive payload on the front end. Alongside HMS Astute were 10 other submarines carrying the same payload.

    over the emergency encrypted radio came a signal, "ALPHA VICTOR 25 ALPHA SIERRA ONE ALPHA SIERRA CHARLIE"

    Almost in sync, the captains turned on the automatic targeting systems with the pre-loaded targets. 3 subs were to target Copenhagan, another three were to target Stockholm, three were to target Oslo and one alone had the privilege of targeting the Kalmarian capital. The organisation which had caused so much disdain in Davishire and overseas.. Every missile in the subs armoury would be fired in one salvo. Oslo would face 80 missiles, Stockholm and Copenhagan only 60 missiles. Fired in sync at once by the fleet commander. Commodore Brassington. The targets were military and government buildings but in reality the threat of civilian casualties was high.

    "Ok, men, this is it. For the first time Davishire is formally at war. We will launch this initial first strike before returning to Bucks to re-arm and redeploy. Be proud of what we are doing here"

    With that the commodore pressed the big red button, there was a slight smile when he pressed it. "You know what guys, I always wanted to do that! hahahaha"

    Within a matter of seconds a signal had been sent to all the other subs, which at the exact second began to fire their missiles, one after the other. 20 alone headed to the Kalmarian Parliament.

    Boom, the entire sub shook Boom, the entire sub shook again. One after the other again and again. The dark sky was light up with the light from hundreds of cruise missiles.

    "I have to tell you men, this looks amazing.200 missiles, yeeeeee ha!"

    Meanwhile, over Kalmar, fire was landing. Key targets such as police stations, military bases, railway stations, and ports were being struck. There was a bright orange glow in the sky over parts of Kalmar.

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