IC Secret

  • Thus the Great retreat of Kalmar begun. The cities were bustled with my people leaving many people noticed from of distance flairs many people as a result, started crying. Meanwhile, military plans published that attrition was the best chance. the would retreat to northern sweden and Norway and set up massive fortifications in the extremely thick forests and mountains. This would buy more time for the population to leave. Oslo will the naval headquarters and Capital of Kalmar while Helsinki will be the Army HQ Stoneic and Kalmar force will have some time to Organize. Special Forces will be stationed in the forest to launch ambushes and Guerilla Warfare thus taking out key and Strategic units of Davishire. Anti air artillery will be lined up in the Lines. When the Davishire pigs come to challenge our forces on the mountains we will to the clap technique to release an avalanche on make them venerable. Lastly, We will send our small airs force to clean up the cowards.

  • consider this to be the backround music:

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