Urgent discussion concerning Davishire

  • Miss Stephanie Hughes rose to her feet address the Council.

    "Fellow Councillors, we are witnessing unprecedented acts. We have witnessed Davishire and the United Kingdom unilaterally impose a no fly zone and naval blockade of the Teutonic States. The reasons for that blockade were reportedly to bring an end to the butchery of Lord Vele. The leaks by \\Edward Snowden suggest that Davishire had an alternative motive."

    "A Poretan aircraft carrier carrying humanitarian aid to the Teutonic States was sunk after Davishire threatened to sink it ."

    "Davishire then extended its no fly zone and blockade to include Poretos, for no good reason that anyone was able to determine. They were roundly criticised by many nations, including Kalmar. Eventually under international pressure, Davishire rescinded the blockade."

    "Kalmar foolishly issued threats against Davishirian nationals. Threats which it withdrew once it realised its foolishness."

    "Even though the threats had been withdrawn, Davishire and the United Kingdom declared war upon Kalmar. Kalmar immediately offered a surrender, which Davishire refused, Davishire with its overwhelming weaponry is now pummelling a much smaller nation that made idle threats against it, into the stone age."

    "There is a rogue nation in Europe, but it is not Kalmar, it is Davishire. We must act together to bring the madness of Davishire to an end."

    Miss Stephanie Hughes - EU Councillor

  • "Councillor, the United Kingdom and Davishire are currently conducing legitimate military operations to neutralise a legitimate threat against Davishirian citizens. We are sovereign nations, with the rights of sovereign nations. Please respect that"

  • "My concerns is the history of Davishire's attacks. Most of the time they attack public building resulting in deaths. You also do not allow humanitarian cargo ships to pass through. The fate of Kalmar should not be determined by war at least in this level. Furthermore, Davishire does not have a war goal. All that they are in for is to massacre people that have nothing to do with this incident. Lastly, did I not remember that the Pacifist Cowards try to settle things straight with Davishire? Yet the party withdrew when this happened, so he intended on war?

  • "I will repeat, the Governments of Davishire and the United Kingdom are conducing legitimate military operations with legitimate aims"

  • "These action are not legitimate this is a way into a massacre. You would find any reason even that is not valid anymore and challenge Kalmar's sovereignty!"

  • "Legitimate. No one believed you last time, or the time before that, or the time before that. No one's going to believe you this time, Councillor Johnson. I'm done trying to talk sense into you and your government. Because of its stupidity, immaturity and paranoia, millions could be slaughtered. And of course, no one is going to stop you. As usual. What the hell is the EU even good for if it can't stop one of its members constantly bullying other states and murdering people? For all the promises during the election of a strong commission, its clear nothing is going to change. The Commission can do jack shit to stop this happening, and its pathetic. This entire situation is pathetic in all respects. Whatever is said in this Council, nothing is going to change Councillor Johnson or his government's mind.

    "I'll keep the session open, of course, if any Councillors want to say their pieces, but I'm going outside for a smoke. This Union is a farce."

    With that, Speaker Walters got up from his chair and fumbled around in his jacket for his pipe. He made his way out of the chamber, and was quickly replaced by one of his deputy Speakers to chair the session.

  • "Well said, Halsberg"

  • Admin

    Cllr. Montfort wearily got to his feet

    "Kalmar retracted its threat and later apologised. How in even the remotest sense are these actions legitimate? Answer - they aren't. This is the worst thing that's come out of the north - the region's silly corner - for a long, long time. Like Speaker Walters, I am genuinely sick and tired of this region. It has become an embarrassment. I would like, therefore, to announce my personal resignation with immediate effect as the European Councillor from Angleter, and as my final act representing my government, I would like to let it be known that Angleter has no intention of filling the vacancy I am leaving until this war has ended under just conditions. We will, however, not withdraw from the European Union itself. Thank you."

    Montfort threw his papers in the air and strode out of the Chamber

  • "The government of Davishire is conducting legiti... oh fuck it... "

    At that point Boris strolled over to the Duxburian Councillor, handed him a £10 before being given a spliff of cannabis. Pulling out a lighter and lighting up he walked over to the door, he turned back to a chamber looking on almost in shock "I resign" and proceeded to walk out leaving the scent of cannabis as he went.

  • Pacifist Cowards will do all in its power to protect innocent civilians in this conflict, and urges all parties to come to the negotiating table to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. We have opened formal talks to bring all four nations together, and urge them to consider this offer, and allow Cowardly aid to reach the citizens of Stonekrog and Kalmar, who have had no time or notice to reach safety or prepare themselves before the first wave of attacks. Cowardly doctors, hospital ships, medical supplies, food, clothing and temporary accommodation are already aboard ship, in line with Cowardly commitments to humanitarian efforts across the EU, though they dare not set sail without reassurances from the warring parties that their safe passage can be guarenteed.

  • James Tournay entered the chamber after having been dragged out of a meeting with his Government about ongoing events.

    "Firstly, just a logistics issue - shall we make a separate council hall for discussing Davishire military action?

    Secondly, for far too long has Davishire been recklessly engaging in military actions, so much so that it is even hard to condemn the recent terror attack against them - Yes I said it! This has gone on far too long!

    A surrender was even made, what the #### are you doing!?! You clearly have no objective except mass murder!! Can I just check with the council that Davishire hasn't been effected by a military coup or something?!?

    Davishire don't be a dick!"

    The councillor literally dropped the mic

    And with that the councillor handed a not to the Councillor for Pacifist Cowards about joining there humanitarian mission. Then went back to his meeting leaving a secretary to watch.

  • Admin

    I would like to echo the words of Speaker Walters in this matter.

    The original statement issued by the government of Kalmar was clearly disgusting and horrific, but when it was challenged by various other governments, it was quickly reversed and the government of Kalmar apologised profusely for it. Any and all actions taken thereafter were then unrelated to the actual statement itself, and as other have pointed out, have simply become unifrom and typical acts of Davishirian aggression. Didn't we just get bombarded with the "#NewDavishire" slogan the other day? It clearly shows how serious it was in that matter.

    On behalf of Inquista, I officially condemn both Davishire and the United Kingdom in taking such aggressive actions. I condemn these actions as spiteful, mean, and as evident forms of bullying.

    The government of Kalmar has already surrendered and sued for peace, so I do not understand why military action is being taken against it. Such military actions at this point are simply murderous and uncivilised, and go completely against the spirit of the European Union.

    I worry for all the innocents that may perish due to such childishness. I hope that an immediate and peaceful end is brought to this nonsense.

  • Councillor Miyan Shen-Li of the Federal Republic of Xengs spoke. She had returned from her sick leave to speak. "Kalmar is a nation that has already surrendered, and revoked its somewhat ill conceived policy of shooting foreign nationals on site from certain governments. So why does Dervishire continue.... It is to say wildly unecessary. We have to ask ourselves if this is a nation that we should be concerned of intead."

  • It was at this point David Cameron walked in. Ever the popular Davishirian figure.

    "I am Davishires temporary councillor, the Prime Minister, whoever that may be, will be issuing a statement this evening.

    I have also been asked to confirm that the Davishirian Armed forces will not be conducting further offensive operations against Kalmar or Stonekrog and that diplomatic efforts are ongoing"

  • Council,

    I apologise for my apparent absence in this issue thus far.

    I have been in discussions with the government of Davishire since the declaration of war on Monday.

    I can confirm to you that as a result Davishire decided to accept the ceasefire terms.

    I hope to meet with a Kalmarian representative soon to discuss possible deployment of the ERF.

    Commissioner Asquith-Robinson

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