An Urgent Plea to the Governments of The United Kingdom, Davishire, Kalmar and Stonekrog

  • The Government of Pacifist Cowards, aware that a peace settlement has already been rejected, would like to urge all parties in this conflict to begin an immediate ceasefire, and to come around the negotiating table. We offer our services as an impartial negotiator and as neutral territory for talks, and will guarantee the safety of all delegates.

    The North, of which Pacifist Cowards is a proud and active part, has for too long been regarded as an unstable backwater of this region. We attempted to open a multi-party conference to discuss issues in an open and productive manner, and yet it seems nations are once again determined to conduct negotiations via threats and force of arms. If nations are unwilling to open talks, then may Cowardly observers, on behalf of the European Union and the safety and values it represents, be allowed into the targeted cities of Kalmar and Stonekrog to ensure that all military matters are conducted according to International law, and that the safety of innocent civilians is paramount for all nations involved in this conflict.

    Furthermore, we seek permission from the UK and Davishire to allow humanitarian aid to reach the nations of Kalmar and Stonekrog, subject to inspection by UK and Davishiran troops, and to allow refugees and other vulnerable people forced to leave their homes or live in fear to make the transit from their home nations to refugee camps and safe spaces within the Cowardly nation (note, we will not allow high-ranking officials or military personnel to leave, as this jeopardises the humanitarian efforts we feel compelled to make).

    If nothing else, I urge all nations of this region to consider that not all Northern nations are determined to choose the sword over the conference table and ask that, in the absence of a coordinated or effective regional response, humanitarian aid and supplies are to be delivered in a safe and reliable way. We urge nations not to escalate matters militarily, and instead ask that the leaders of all nations, great and small, use this opportunity to forge a new Europe based around peaceful cooperation, and prosperity for all.

    President Yuri Ivanov

    People's Republic of Pacifist Cowards

  • On behalf of the Kalmaran-Stoneic Coalition I do hereby accept the invitation to negotiate. It is a disgrace to see us fight like this. We must end this turmoil immediately if we wish to honor the meaning of the European Union itself!

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