The Talks

  • It was a cold afternoon in London. Davishire was formally at war but you would never have noticed. Everyone was going about their lives as normal. In fact conflict in Davishire was so regular it had hardly reached the news. Margaret Thatcher, front runner for the tory leadership and George Osbourne, the Prime Minister arrived at Sandford (London) City Airport just 5 miles from the city centre.

    Cleared to land was a small non-descript aircraft from Stonekrog carrying senior officials from that nation. Here to discuss terms of surrender.

  • "we'll be landing in a moment, sir"

    He looked at the his drink, dissapointed that he wouldn't get to finish it. Looking out the window he looks over london glooming in the night, but not with flames as Kalmars capital was yesterday. thinking of this made him quite moody, not what you want to be when making a treaty of peace

    After taxing off the runway and geting out of the plane, he was greeted by 2 security personnel and a black mercedes with black tinted windows,and of course the Prime Minister.

    "pleased to meet you" he said while shaking hands

  • "Pleased to meet you sir, and this is Margaret Thatcher, the person who is most likely to be Prime Minister. Now shall we get going?"

    With the initial pleasantries over the party got into the official car and drove to the Prime Ministers residence at 10 Downing Street. Only yards from where thousands of people were killed or injured in a mass terrorist attack on a protest. The three stood in front of the Number 10 door ever so famous in Davishire. They proceeded up the flight of stairs with pictures of every PM in Davishirian history and went straight to the Prime Ministers private office

    "Ok, I am sure you know the situation as well as we do. I hear that you would like to end this conflict, as do we. How do you feel we should proceed?"

  • "We are glad to meet you all." Said the King with the rest of the party

  • So, how do you feel we should proceed sir? If possible I think we should work towards a solution as quick as possible"

  • "Shall we proceed with the national anthems of our great countries?" Ask the King

  • "well, i feel that we need to end this, that's why i've come here" he giggeld a bit trying to lighten the mood, but Thatcher didn't seem to find it funny.

    he akwardly coughed "so, i'd like to hear your demands. you probably figured that i'd like a white peace, but i don't see that as an option."

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  • "Under these circumdances, it is reasonable for white peace

  • "State the Treaty of London. What do you want from us?" Asked the Prime Minister.

  • Our only demand is an area of Land in Stonekrog and a military base in Kalmar. I can provide more details charts if you wish. These bases would benefit us all. Davishire would be prepared to provide military training and the like in the future.

  • "Your military presence is not needed in Kalmar. Even if you were to put a base upon our land, what about the infrastructure you destroyed? Does that matter?" said the Prime Minister

  • "The strikes yesterday were regrettable to the point I wish that I had not ordered them. We are prepared to pay a significant sum for their repair"

  • "we do not wish to have our units trained by davishire, or at least not at this time. on behalf of the coalition, i'll be taking the hits, so to say, so i refuse to give you anything regarding Kalmar. I'd like to see what land you desire."

  • "The area in blue is the area that we would like to take possession of. I believe this area is less inhabited."

  • He looked nervously at the map.

    "I mean, that is a good bite of our country, and it is home to, eh, 1000 Stones or so. i'll have to make a call." He said in a shaking voice.

    He walked out of the office, and pulled out a cigarette. he was about to light it when a security personnel held his hand up.

    "sir, you can't smoke in here"

    The Stoneic diplomat waited a second, deciding if it was wise to ignore him.

    "What country doesn't allow smoking" he mumbled to himself. he pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and found his phone instead.

    "Am i allowed to use this?"

    The guard looked confused, and walked away without saying a word. he called the presidents personal cellphone.

    President -"Who is this?"

    Diplomat -"The guy who's going to save millions, remember? They want about half of Glidsten."

    President -"What do they want that for? a waste dump?"

    Diplomat -"They want to make it a military base, and offers to train some of our military there."

    President -"You know you can't accept that, right? That's political suicide for me."

    Diplomat -"Well, we have something we can fall back to if everything fails."

    President -"Don't you god damn dare say that. Push for a white peace, if not, let millions die, got it?"

    *Hangs up*

    "This is fucking insanity." He mumbled to himself, walking back into the office where Thatcer waited patiently.

    "I'm sorry, that's not going to be possible. You see, the support from other nations have been drastically in our favour, and though that so far has only been ink on paper, it could almost certainly will grow much worse if fighting continues, for you that is. So as it stands right now, you can either accept a white peace and leave the rebuilding of Kalmarian infrastructure to us, or you can continue killing innocent men, women and children. I will assure you, if you choose the latter, we'll retaliate."

  • ((OOC: It is Kalmaran official. It is popular to say Scandinavian in our country though))

  • "Very well, we accept an unconditional surrender from Stonekrog. To be honest you were dragged into this mess without your consent. Although, with regards to the land, you don't get if you don't as so hey don't worry, no hard feelings on that one"

    The Prime Minister sipped his tea, picked up a piece of paper, read it to himself before speaking,

    "From Kalmar however we will want assurances that you will interfere with no other part of our foreign policy except for discussions within the European Council, Commission or Court. An end to threats against Davishirian citizens and Davishirian interests"

  • @Davishire : "We promise we will not drag your citizens into this issue no longer. We should not have been doing that from the start. However, we reserve the right to sanction Davishire. If we don't want to trade with you then that is our disicsion. Not that we have ever directly interfered with your foreign policy.

  • "I would like to remind you, that Kalmar is the nation wishing to surrender in this case. I highly advise you to accept our terms on this and agree to it in a treaty"

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